Friday, February 23, 2007

Female 12

I think they should just tell everyone else to go home and leave this year's Americ@n Id0l for Stephanie, Jardin, Melinda and Lakisha to fight out.
Though I hope Lakisha to win, coz she is obviously the best of the lot, AI fans have been known to be very fickle and superficial in the past.
but then who knows.
I think Stephanie is destined to be like all the other good singers who do not manage to get to the finals coz she lacks that extra umph. I think the same about Melinda. Jardin.. I love. But she's young and so sweet. I dont know.
Stephanie impressed me, but didnt set fire to the stage, imho. Jardin and Melinda gave me goosebumps. But Lakisha.. gawddam she brought tears to my eyes.

I think the 2 girls who's going home this week are Nicole (what was she doing? singing or screaming? I heard more of the latter) and that girl simon said was forgettable and I forgot her name coz she is .. well, forgettable.

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