Friday, February 02, 2007

eeeek... exposure!

As my old friend Jagung (the friendship is old, not the friend) informed me in my previous post, my blog was mentioned on one of Jeff Ooi's posts. It's nothing great, just a passing mention that I'm one of my dad's offsprings who happen to blog.
FYI, just to get the facts straight, tulisje blogged anonymously for a much longer time than all of us. (Btw, thanx to Jeff, she's no longer anonymous). I blogged out of curiosity and as a means to update my friends and family on my progress in life. When tulisje asked me about my kids one day, I told her to go read my blog. Tulisje mentioned it mokciknab, who then started blogging, and she let it slip to my dad, who then started to blog too. Mimi followed suit, and Nina&Firhad only started after urges from us who kept telling them "Weh.. you should start a blog lah" everytime they left a long comment on ours.

It's not that I am not grateful, I mean knowing the amount of people who reads Jeff, it's almost equivalent to getting your 15minutes of fame, isn't it?. But also knowing the kind of people who 'reads' Jeff, especially nowadays with the libel suit and the government being aware of the existence and influence of the blogosphere, I wonder if I should feel a bit fearful.
Would I be getting unwanted attention?

Perhaps I need not worry.
Afterall, I seldom follow Malaysian politics. I don't know who bought what for how much, who siphoned which funds, who gave who's sons which business. Heck, I don't even know how the Malaysian economy works. My knowledge, nor opinion, isn't worth much.
People who do come here and read would probably see me as a simple housewife who cooks (and recently took up sewing) and cares for her kids.
I am not influential. I am not political. In fact, some people even called me apolitical and apathetic. I don't think I could write anything that could cause and uproar.
If a revolution was ever started because of me, it'll probably be to flood KL with rice krispy treats, berry-misus and pavlovas. Or to play PearlJam in all radios all day long. muahahahahaha.
So nothing to worry about, kan? kan?
heck, maybe they'd read me and see how harmless blogging really is, and would then leave all of us the eff alone.

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