Monday, February 26, 2007

Surfin' KSA, Part 2

I think I wrote about crazy saudis riding their ATV and/or 4wd cars/trucks up sand dunes before. Well, this time Taufik drove us about 90km north of khobar, and we rented ATVs for a spin.
We rented 2 small ATVs for Ilham and Ihsan, and Taufik rented a bigger one for himself.
The kids drove hesitantly at first, but once they got the hang of the controls, they were zooming all over the place.
I had a spin for a few minutes (while Ilham took care of Izani). The machine was too small for me, actually, but I had no choice coz Taufik had gone up the dunes by then.
Warning: the last time I showed a picture of me in a face veil, it created a huge uproar. So if you're offended, feel free to close your eyes.

All Terrain vehicles RAWKKKSSSS!

I wore the face veil coz it was 2pm and my skin is already dry as it is. I don't need sun damage to add to it(Yeah, I'm vain that way)
And yes, I know the ATV is too small for me and it makes me look like a clown on a tiny bicycle. It was still fun. I went "wooo hoooooo!!" the whole time.

After our ATV rent time was up (30riyals per hour), the kids asked if they could climb up the dune, so we drove closer to it and they actually climbed up! It took them almost 10 minutes, but they didnt give up.
The picture below didnt really capture the height and steepness of the dune..

We're on top of the world!

Ilham said he felt like he had just climbed mount everest.

We then tried to drive up there from one of the lower slopes and we made it to the top. It was kinda scary being at the edge of the dune, looking down at the almost sheer drop. I kept feeling like we were gonna topple over or something. I told Taufik to drive drive drive away quickly!
We cant drive that fast on the dunes because the sand was so slippery, and it is advisable not to even stop because once you do, you might not be able to move again due to your tires sinking into the sand while you wait, from the weight of the car.
It was scary, yet excitingly adventurous. It was like "Oh yeah.. now we're in Saudi!"

By the way, if you think we were crazy, check these boys out:
Warning: Mute your speakers, there's some weird annoying noise at the start of the clip.

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