Saturday, February 03, 2007

the hits, misses and suprises.

Even with all the things I managed to do during the 5 weeks I was back home for the holiday, I still felt it was too short, and I still had many many things that I wished I had done but didnt have time to do.

I saw most of my relatives and friends thanx to the little party I had for Izani.
I did not get to see some of my friends that i would usually meet every holiday, like Azuna, who lives right on the highway that leads to my in-law's house.
I didnt get a chance to drive to USJ Taipan to meet the ladies in Ummikusayang and to buy some books.
I didnt even get a chance to stop by Munawarrah and see Ina and her new baby. Munwarrah is usually one of my 'syarat2 wajib holiday', heh heh, but sadly, not this year.
I wanted to go to kelang and visit Farah's mom's house (and Farah and jeremy and Adam) but that didnt happen.
But i did get to go to Jakarta and had the time of my life! I fulfilled at least one item on my "things to do before I die" list, which was to see a real live volcano.
(more entries on my trip to jakarta later)

I guess you win some, you lose some.

The suprise was, I made a new friend this time around. It was funny how we met.
Taufik brought us to IKEA coz he wanted to buy new curtains for the new folks who are renting our condo. We were looking at the long curtains when a lady came up to me and asked where I bought my headscarf. I was flabbergasted at first, coz nobody ever asked me that before. At last I managed to say "Oh, I bought this in City Plaza", then I remembered that we were in Malaysia so I added "in Saudi, so sorry.. I don't know where you can get it here". I thought I sounded like a bit of a show off then, you know , like i bought this overseas and you can't possible get it here coz I am so more well travelled than you kinda thing, you know.. but fortunately i guess I didnt come off that way coz the lady started chatting with me and I chatted away in response and in the end we exchanged phone numbers and throughout the 5 weeks on my holiday we chatted several times. I found out that Farhana (that's her name) is a stay at home mom (that's why she has time to go shopping in IKEA on a Thursday afternoon) and she is Montessori certified and she conducts playgroup sessions for kids sometimes and she was organizing a fun one on pyramids and mummies the other day but I couldnt attend coz we were going to Jakarta.
Anyways. What a delight it was to make a new friend so unexpectedly. and all because of a headscarf!

ok so that's like a summary of my holiday, I'll write more later later.

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