Saturday, February 03, 2007

Eyeing my kids

Better write this before it gets old.

Before we left Mal@ysia for S@udi, we made sure that we go on the Eye on Malaysia. Basically, it's a high-tech ferris wheel that the government decided to have to help promote Visit Mal@ysia year 2007. It's like The Eye on L0ndon, but slightly smaller.
We went to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa (Titiwangsa Lake Garden) right after I had lunch with The lioness in KLCC. It was mid afternoon and it had started to drizzle a bit. We were delighted to find that the queue wasn't that long at all. Perhaps the fact that it was a working day and that the school holidays were over, helped.
It was my first time on a ferris wheel and I do have a sliiiight fear of heights so it was kinda freaky. ketor lutut jugok lah. The pod swayed everytime it stops and starts to board passengers, and my heart kinda lurched when we got to the very top.
"this is kinda high, huh?" i grinned nervously at Taufik, trying to hide my feelings so that the kids don't freak out as well. Izani was oblivious to everything and Anis and Ihsan was like going "woah, woah.." like it was some kind of a roller coaster ride , but Ilham had this panic expression on. So Taufik started pointing out the sights to distract everyone. KLCC, his old office, Istana Budaya, The Library, PWTC. Taufik also took the time to look at the traffic and plot our exit from the park. Izani got a bit bored after awhile so I entertained him with my 'ubat segala penyakit' (multi-purpose cure-all), otherwise scientifically known as my mammary glands. I wonder if they give out certificates of recognition for breastfeeding at the highest altitude.
The ride felt like forever, but I think it was only for 15 minutes, plus maybe an additional 5 minutes to wait for our turns to board off.

Keep an eye on it

All in all it was kinda fun. I bet if it wasnt raining and I wasn't so woozy with vertigo I could've taken some pretty awesome pictures.

Did I have any complaints? As usual, the signboards could've been clearer. We almost got lost coz this was our first time to the garden. The intercom in the pod was really really noisy coz it was broadcasting static. It's like someone forgot to switch off something in the control room or something. And I have the same complaint as my dad: what in the world are the water ski-ers for? Sometimes I wonder about the amount of thought that goes into promoting our country as a tourism destination.*

Have you been on The Eye?

*That's me trying to be thought provoking... tee hee!

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