Sunday, February 04, 2007

Teka Teki (riddles)

I was chatting with my friend's son yesterday. Actually, he wanted to chat with Ilham, but Ilham wasn't home from school yet then.
Somehow we got into exchanging riddles.

A: Nak main teka teki? (Do you want to play solve the riddles?)
Elisa: Okay.
A: Apa dia ada 6 kaki, 4 mata, 2 mulut, 2 hidung, 2 tangan apa dia? (What has 6 feet, 4 eyes, 2 mouths, 2 noses, 2 hands, what is it?)
Elisa: hm.. *pikir* (*thinks*) (actually, I was snickering)
Elisa: {my answer}
A: terer giler (so smart)
Elisa: eh betull??? (It's correct?) wooo hooooo!!!

At this point Ilham came home from school.

Elisa: Ilham dah balik, dia baca teka teki A, dia ketawa. (Ilham is home and he read your riddle, he is laughing)
A: okay ada satu pencuri dia nak lari dari polis tapi kereta dia habis minyak ada 2 petrol station BP dan Petronas, kenapa dia pilih petronas? (There's a thief running away from the police but his car ran out of gas and there were two gas stations, BP and Petronas, why did he choose Petronas?)
Elisa: hm...
Elisa: because {my answer}
A: betulll!!! (Correct!!)
Elisa: yay!!
Elisa: Okay, can you solve this little riddle, The one who smells sits in the middle. What is it?
(long silence)
A: waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh tak tahu!!! (I dont know!!)
Elisa: cubalah fikir.. (just try to think)
A: Adik kata snail. (My sister says it's a snail)
Elisa: Why snail? Does a snail smell? *laugh*
Elisa: A smelly snail? **snicker*
A: I dont knowwwwwwww give me a clue.
Elisa: okay okay a clue, smell is a verb, not an adjective.
A: tak tahuuu (I don't know)

Can you guess the answers to the riddles?

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