Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Cinta and Gubra

I managed to watch both Gubra (original VCD, from Speedy) and Cinta (ehm.. ).

I watched Cinta first, because I was curious about all the hype. They showed the promo for this film almost every hour on the local TV when I was home, and it looked really interesting, albeit reminding me a bit of 'Love Actually'. (One reviewer in one of the local papers did compare it to Love Actually)

As I have mentioned in my previous post, to me it was like watching a compilation of heart-tugging and glossy commercials that they usually show around festive season. Each 'story' was, on it's own, short and concise, perhaps not good enugh to make into a full length movie? In combination though, I guess they did manage to potray the different levels and kinds of 'love'. The most poignant, was of course the story about the old teacher and the laksa seller played beautifully by Rahim Razali and Fatimah Abu Bakar, respectively. The most vomit-inducing was the romance between MPH-girl and the most eligible bachelor. Sungguh meluat. Tak real lansung. Macam iklan untuk valentine's day aje. Adeke orang kat malaysia buat camni?
However, this would be a good movie to watch with the whole family, be it adults or kids, since it does have something that can be learnt by all generations.
Not mind boggling, tapi bolehlah tahan. I don't think I cried or was awefully touched by any particular scene. Oh, except maybe that scene where Rahim Razali got confused in the middle of KL... i felt his confusion and anxiety, and I cheered when FAB scolded the spectators.
I thought Sharifah Amani was so type-casted in this movie. Of courselah she has to be some bohemian, selamba gabra chick lah kan. Cannot be any other character kah? I'd like to see her doing something else next. Not budak sekolah. Pengemis ke. Pengemis yang penakut dan lembik. Boleh?

Gubra, I think should be labelled as "Cinta Rated R". (or maybe Cinta should be labelled as "Gubra Rated PG" if I had watched Gubra first). Unlike its pre-quel, Sepet, it is not focused on just the story of Orked, but also the story of the relationship between the bilal's family and the prostitutes.
I absolutely loved the intro to this movie, coz there was often a time when I prepared a meal for my husband and family, and wished someone would film it, just to show how it was prepared with love. tee hee.
There have been a lot of debate going on about the bilal and the prostitute story in this movie. Arguments of why it had to be shown that way. I can't comment on it realistic-ness. maybe there are religious stalwarts out there who really do care and treat people equally. But I do commend yasmin for not potraying the stereotype bilal - someone who only gives sermons and looks down sternly at 'sinners'. This Bilal was the most human bilal I have seen on screen. He does have sex, he does have a sense of humor, he does have faults. Though he does seem a little bit 'super-human' in one scene. I would've loved to see him beat up someone. But then, I didn't write the script. To the critics on the issue, I say.. it's just a story lah.. it can't always be perfect and by the book. Kalau tidak, tak jadi cerita lah pulak, kan?
Orked's story somehow became secondary to me.. Halfway I almost became disinterested. And the way her husband calls her 'budak kecik' (little kid) (and her calling him 'orang tua' (old man)) kinda weirds me out.. seems so.. erm.. p@edophiliac somehow.
But my main complaint is the liberal use of sexual innuendos throughout the film, which I think was not really necessary, except for sensational or perhaps comic effect. I am glad I watched this movie while the kids were at school, or else I would have had a hard time explaining what "gentel sotong" means.
I cried only at one scene, and again it involved Jason's mom (gosh, I have to remember her name). That scene where she tried to hold her husband's hand and he pulled away, and she was so hurt and then he slowly took her hand instead. Aww mannn I'm teary eyed just writing about it.

Anyways, I think both movies are worth a watch. Both are beautifully done, if you ask me. Story-wise, bolehlah tahan.. a good effort lah. Worth the money spent. Certainly giving me hope that the future Malaysian movies will get better and better.

Siapa nak pinjam??

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