Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ummikusayang, Celebrating Motherhood the Islamic Way

Inspired by LadyVisine's question on why I do not have a Traffic Jam in my categories, I finally thought up of a reason to have it. Posts under this category would include information on websites that I like, with hopes that you guys would go and check them out. (Thus Traffic Jam, geddit?)
For the inauguration of this category, I present you my favourite website (after my family's blogs, that is)


I am so proud of this website/company.
The founders, Lily&Hani, were my colleagues when I was working. Lily and Hani left the company waaaaay before I did, to become Work-At-Home moms. When they first told me about their online bookstore, I was totally amazed. It's not that I had never heard of on-line shopping, nor was I dubious about the power of the internet. It's just the fact that they had actually gone and done it that wow-ed me. I mean, people dream of owning their own business all the time, but to really meet people who actually went out and pursued that dream, in such an un-conventional way (at that time) truly truly impressed me.
Ummikusayang started out as an on-line bookstore selling English Islamic books for children. That was already a niche market on its own, but the key to their success is actually network marketing and using the internet to expand that network. They joined Business Network International to meet and help other business owners. They also organize seminars to further make their company known and also to encourage other aspiring business owners to start out on their own.
But their most powerful marketing tool must be their e-group. They started the ummikusayang e-group, first among friends (like me! tee hee), as a portal to discuss various topics that concern muslim parents and as a means to advertise their activities and promotions. Through this e-group the members were inspired, encouraged, advised and entertained by the stories and experiences of fellow members. The highly informational (and more often than not, entertaining) content kept members staying, and attracted new members to join.

Since then, through their extensive network offline and online, they not only have increased their product range, they have also expanded their customer base. The ummikusayang e-group now has over 3 thousand members, most residing in malaysia, but some residing in other parts of the world (like me! tee hee) and a few even, from other nationalities. The members, irregardless of how often they post or read posts on the e-group, has developed a relationship so close with each other that whenever any of us meet up, we regard each other as instant close friends. Because of my affinity to the e-group, I buy most of my children and parenting related books from the company, and I am sure most of the members do the same.Talk about building brand loyalty!

Lily&Hani are now revered as the gurus of work-at-home moms and their seminars are often very well received by members and non members alike. I have to admit, I myself was inspired by them, and that was how I gathered the courage to start my event management company with famygirl. (sidenote: our event management company handles several of ummikusayang events).

So do you want to know what Malaysian Muslim mommies are reading to their kids? Do you want to know more about muslim parenting?
Give Ummikusayang.com a visit now!

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