Monday, February 05, 2007

meh meh meh

don't know what to blog about today.

I was supposed to go out with a new neighbour, but then this morning the bus we were supposed to be on (which is also the bus my kids ride to school) had a punctured tyre so I wasnt sure whether the bus would be available, so I told her I'd call her back to confirm and she gave me her handphone number coz she was on her way out to send her son to the nursery at the clubhouse. But when I did confirm that the bus is available and tried to call her handphone I kept getting an error message in arabic. But I got ready anyways and before I left the house i tried calling her again, but I got the message again. I stepped out of the house with my arms full of Izani, his jacket, my big red handbag (RM20 from Jakarta, did I tell you?), and the stroller and was about to cross the street to the clubhouse when the bus drove by. I tried flailing my arms to stop it but I couldnt coz you couldnt really do much flailing of arms when it's weighted down by a 10kg baby and a stroller.
So shopping trip cancelled. I think my friend is on the bus, coz her house phone is not answered and that dang mobile number is wrong or something i don't know. I expect she'll call me and ask me what happened when she gets back home.


I don't really understand what's going on with the purchase of a private jet thingy, but in my opinion, irregardless of whether you're buying or leasing, you're still spending money and when you're spending the taxpayer's money, the taxpayers deserves an explanation on the justifications for the spending. That's the least you can do after you make us fill up a confusing form then queue tengah2 malam buta at Brem Tower and then send us a letter saying after you have already taken a bit of our monthly pay, we STILL owe you money. Tell us what you're using the money for, then I'll give you my money. Bley?

hm.. meh..

can I be a nerd and say "Yay for American Idol!!" ?
Maybe I should write about Gubra.

meh.. tomorrow lah.

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