Wednesday, January 31, 2007

what I did without internet

reversible cotton dining chair seat covers

Well, actually, I didnt make these because I didnt have the internet. I made them because when we were away on holiday, Taufik had the dining chairs cleaned and I didnt want to get them dirty again. So I decided to make the seat covers for the dining chairs, so that I don't have to worry about my kids spilling stuff on them. Not having internet connection gave me the opportunity to finish them within a week.
They are made from 100% American cotton and the ties are satin ribbons. All materials bought at the saudi art and crafter's heaven on earth, also know as Zamil Store. Looking at the range of choices available at Zamil, I can understand how Kimmi and Sunflora could become such avid quilters. The patterns were all so pretty and the material oh-my-god so nice.. i nearly went crazy trying to make a decision on which to buy. I finally settled for butterflies on one side and flowers on the other.
What made me so proud of myself is that I made them all by hand!! It made me feel like Martha Stewart, it did, but without the jail time.
I am now thinking up of other projects, just as an excuse to go to Zamil again. tee hee.
But now I am in the midst of doing some beadwork, one that you can rest assured that I will show you when it's done. So till then, I will try to restrain myself from stepping into Zamil.

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