Sunday, February 26, 2006

Somebody out there likes you..

Last week I was flipping through the TV channels (yes, I do this a lot) and I got to one of the sports channels that is aired over here, called S1. They were showing highlights from T0rino 2006 for that week and they were playing a noisy but familiar song to accompany the montage.
I stopped flipping and listened closely and lo and behold, guess what, it was "Spin The Black Circle" by Pearl Jam!
Why does this excite me, you ask?
Well, Pearl Jam songs are not usually used for montages and least of all "Spin The Black Circle", which is probably one of the more obscure (read: not radio friendly) of their songs.
I would understand "Alive" or "Jeremy" or "Daughter" or *gag* "Last Kiss", which an amateur Pearl Jam fan would probably admit to liking and would not be ashamed to play for the public, but "Spin The Black Circle"? .. You've got to be quite a fan to have chosen that one.

I thought, okay, maybe it's a one-off thing. Perhaps it was because most of the highlights contain scenes of the men's figure skating contenders doing the spin on ice, thus the reason for the chosen song.

So I flipped through the channels again this morning and there were the highlights for this week on S1, and guess what was played?
"Given To Fly"!

Someone out there likes Pearl Jam.. enough to use it for his montage.
hot damn! :D :D

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