Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Bowl of Noodles

Taufik is away again.. he has to be at the rig for at least 5 days.
For lunch yesterday I made nasi goreng taucu (fried rice with fermented beans) and it was eaten with the leftover sliced cucumbers, which turned out quite good.

I was too lazy to cook anything for dinner, so I rummaged my cupboard and found some Mee Goreng Indomie (Instant Noodles) from our last trip back home and decided to have that.
I boiled 4 packets (one for each of us), mixed it all up in a huge bowl with the seasoning and soy sauce and was about to divide them into seperate bowls when I thought, what the heck..
So I stuck 3 forks and a pair of chopsticks (for me) into the bowl of noodles and brought it upstairs to where my kids were watching Malc0lm In The Middle.
The moment they saw the bowl they were jumping with joy.
I pulled out the coffee table, plopped the huge bowl in the middle of it, sat the kids and myself around it so that everyone gets equal access and we all happily dug in.

They were munching along when I said "Don't tell Ayah about this, okay?"
"Why?" they asked.
"Because" I said.
Actually I wasnt sure why it felt so naughty and why it should be kept a secret. It took me a while.
"well, firstly, it's not nice to eat from such a huge bowl" I explained.
"Secondly, it's not so good to eat instant noodles" I added.
There were a lot of mm hmms with mouth fulls around that table.
"but it's so yummy" said Ilham
"oh,oh, I know, I know. If we tell Ayah, he's not gonna marry you anymore?" asked Ihsan.
"Takdelah sampai cam tu... (It wont get that dramatic)" I replied "He just wont like it that much that I made you instant noodles and didnt cook you a proper meal"
"mmm yummy yummmy" Anis grinned and munched.

Half-way through the bowl, we had to resort to eating in turns coz some of us are not that deft with handling noodles and forks yet so they needed to pull the bowl closer to their body and not let noodles fall all over the place. So we did a round robin thing where everybody gets a chance to eat without having to wrestle for the bowl.
There was a bit of argument of who gets the last bits of noodles. The 3 kids shared the last bits while Anis picked at the shorter pieces stuck at the edges of the bowl. They looked like underprivileged kids..

Then we went down to have our beverage of choice (chocolate milk or strawberry milk).
They wanted ice cream for dessert but I suggested that they have a banana instead, and save the ice cream for the next day.
I took suggestions for dinner, and the final decision was spaghetti bolognaise. (ilham wanted meatballs, but seeing as wednesday is Americ@n Id0l day and I will not be able to stay in the kitchen long, I vetoed it).

Ahh... the life of a domestic goddess... ;)

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