Thursday, February 23, 2006

Nigella? More like Lois...

If you've been imagining me to be living the life like N1gella L@wson, you're mistaken.
Firstly, I don't have the big hair, though I think my butt is probably comparable to hers now.
Secondly, being married to a man whose idea of fine dining is "murah dan banyak" (cheap and abundant) (read: cheap buffet or gerai tepi jalan), you won't see me cooking Pavlova or Salmon or Herb&Lemon Roast Leg of Lamb anytime soon.

I hate to admit it, but I think if you could take a peek at my daily life now, you'd see more of Lois (of Malc0lm In the middle.. what is their family name, anyway?) than N1gella. Or maybe even Mrs Bradford, coz sometimes it does feel like I have 8 kids instead of 3.
I saw that episode where Lois was punishing the boys for not owning up to burning her dress and I was like "Oh.My.God... I did just that yesterday!". Perhaps not as dramatic, but it was close. It was kinda scary.

Everytime I turn around, somebody's doing something or doing something to someone. One day I let the kids plant some seeds in our garden, and they pulled out one of my husband's flowers (I had to replant it real quick before my husband found out. When it died I had to feign suprise and ignorance). I let them play in their room and found Anis covered in streaks of black marker. I let them shower on their own and they took hours, finished half a bottle of shampoo, and almost flooded the whole bathroom.
I can't sit on the couch for more than a minute before someone would call out "Bonda...!!! Look what insert name here did!!".
Add to that the fact that now they're showing the episodes where she just gave birth to a fourth baby.. I can't help but feel like I identify with her. (Except that I don't work at the supermarket, and everyday I pray hard that my kids don't turn out like them. The prayers are not working).

Thank God my husband is not like Hal.. he's more like.. and I know my siblings would agree to this: Tim the Toolman Taylor. Not in the sense that he has ability to get himself in the hospital for his DIY fiascos, but in his blurr-ness about how women feel or think. And they have about the same kind of sense of humor.
You know how I cook something for my tajweed class? Every time, without fail, Taufik would ask "Eh ada Puding Roti/Pasembur/Pulut Udang? Siapa buat?" ("Who made the bread pudding/prawn fritter salad/Prawn Floss?). Sometimes he is *that* blurr.

But I am not complaining, really.
I am just glad I have a husband. And kids.
Coz without them, I'd prolly have nothing to blog about..
ha ha.

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