Sunday, February 05, 2006


Last Thursday there was a football (soccer) match between the team of under-9 year-olds from Mal@ysia and the team of under-9 year olds from Ar@mco. We woke up really early to go to Ar@mco. I brought a tupperware of cucur keria (sweet potato donuts) for breakfast. As always with any gathering of melayus, there will sure be plenty of food and it turned out to be a picnic of some sort. We ate fried rice and kuihs and drank hot tea before we went to cheer the team.
Even though the team lost 6 to 1, the kids had a great time coz later on someone brought over a huge pot of fried noodles and orange juice, and yoghurt..
(Ilham did not play in the actual game, by the way, coz he only started learning how to play soccer at school, but he did play with some of the other boys after the game was over)
(sorry, no pictures.. I am too embarassed coz I am SO huge!)

After the game we had to send one of our friends to his office on the highway to Abq@aiq. After dropping him off, we got on the highway to make a U-turn further on, but Taufik said, "Hey, why don't we go for a drive?". Anis and Ihsan was asleep by then, and Ilham agreed, so we stayed on the Abq@iq highway.

So there we were, on our tiny trip to the middle of nowhere...

Roughly in the middle of the journey, we started seeing huge rocky outcrops (which was quite stark compared to the dunes and desert), so Taufik took the junction to Shedgum, and when he saw interesting hills (and when the terrain looks safe), he drove off-road. Thank God for 4-wheel drives..
There were patches of sand, but the rock formations were amazing!
We saw rocks that has been eroded by the sand and wind that was shaped like an elephant, a short man with a big head, and a head, among other things. Ilham saw faces in almost every rock urm face.

The kids woke up just in time to take pictures :)

and I managed to take some pictures of the more interesting rocks (and the very blue sky)

(can u see the elephant and the short man?)

After all the running around, we got a bit hungry, so we drove to the nearest town, which is Ud@iliyah, but the town is so small, it only had one traffic light and 2 restaurants. One restaurants was closed, so we had no choice but to go to the only restaurant that was open. This restaurant did not have a family section, so Anis and I couldn't eat there. Taufik bought us burgers and juice and we ate in the car instead, while he and the boys ate rice.

I didn't mind, actually, coz I didnt feel like eating rice anyways. The burgers were quite good. They served it the ar@b way: tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, fries, ketchup, meat and cheese, all in a toasted sesame bun. Yes, the fries are served in the burger bun.

After lunch we made the hour drive back home, where everybody but Taufik slept all along the way...

All in all, it was a good adventure. The kids just loved looking at the pictures we took.
I wonder where our next detour will take us next...

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