Sunday, February 19, 2006

Ihsan's sports day

Ihsan had his sports day today. Together 'competing' with him were the students from Pre-reception, reception and years 1 and 2 from the Dhahr@an British Grammar School, and the students from Nursery, Pre-School, Kindergarten and Grade 1 from the Americ@n School. So basically, they were kids between the ages of 3 to 6 years old.

They had 4 events, the obstacle race (run between cones, go through a tunnel, slip a hoop over your head and body, then put on a hat), a frog and bat race (run to the finish line while trying to balance a toy frog on a plastic racquet), a scooter race (roll on a 4 wheeled 'scooter' bakwards) and a sprint race. Everybody participated, everybody who finishes gets a sticker. No winners or losers.
I guess it was quite fun. The kids loved cheering for their friends when it wasnt their turn. In between events they put on songs from the 80s .. 99 red baloons, saturday night fever, We will rock you - which everybody clapped to in beat.
I took pictures but some of them were kinda blurr coz Anis kept clinging to my dress. She was kinda bored coz she wanted to try each event but couldnt coz she doesnt go the school. Next year, okay, sayang?
Before we left I took a picture of Ihsan with his teacher, Mrs Sne1der (pronounced as "sneeder", she's from netherlands)

So here are the pictures:

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