Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ilham's Frog bookmark

For Book Week (which is next week), Ilham was asked to design a bookmark of his favourite character from a fable or a traditional tale. Then on wednesday the 8th Feb, he's supposed to come to school dressed as that character.
So we thought and we thought about what character would be appropriate and possible.
At first I was thinking of Hang Tuah or someone from a traditional Malay story, but Ilham's traditional malay costume had gotten too small for him and he had worn that the last time he was supposed to go to school in traditional attire and the other kids laughed at him and said he was wearing jammies.

It just so happened that that day, his reading book included a story about The Frog Prince.
So I thought, okay.. I can always make a frog hat coz I've done it once before, and we can make a bookmark in the shape of a frog.
Ilham totally agreed and we drew a sketch of what it's gonna look like and Ilham came up with a catchy phrase to put on the frog's tummy.
The final frog looked slightly different from the original design, but we stuck to most parts of the basic idea:

When I bought material for Ihsan's poster, I bought stuff for Ilham's bookmark as well.

Initially, making the bookmark was easy.
I took a picture of a frog that we liked from the web, traced it, added a crown on top of its head, then transferred it onto a green plastic folder, one part at a time: 1 body+head+crown, 2 hands and 2 legs.
Then we cut out the parts.

The tricky bit was gluing everything together.
I had bought normal PVA glue for Ihsan's poster but somehow it didnt work so well. The hands and feet keep coming off.
I bought super glue from the local mini-market and it was also useless. I managed to glue my fingers together, but not the frog.
I bought another brand of super glue and finally got the hands and feet to stick, last night.
As you can see, we had designed the bookmark to be able to 'sit' on a page, by inserting the page either in between its legs or its hands.

I thought it was pretty cool :)

This morning Ilham checked on his frog again (which was sitting in his homework folder) and guess what? Its eyes fell off!!
Frantically I went to get UHU glue (coz I don't trust the super glue anymore) and stuck them back on.
Then one of the arms fell off!!
So i stuck it back on with UHU, put the frog in between the pages of a book and sent Ilham off to school, praying that nothing else falls off..

stooopid stooopid stooopid super glue.
why is it that super glue 'bonds skin instantly', but do not bond the stuff they were supposed to bond, properly? :confused:

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