Monday, February 20, 2006


Today was Ilham's Sports Day and since Taufik is home, we went to the school together.
Today the crowd was bigger and there were more students participating because the students from the international schools from other areas were involved in the games as well. Instead of breaking up into age groups like they did yesterday, today the kids were divided into Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow teams, each team consisting of an equal distribution of children from ages 7 to 12 from different schools. Ilham was in the Green team, so he went to school wearing a green shirt (the same one he wore when he was the frog prince).

We came a bit late this time, so we didnt get to sit in the front row so we didnt get to take that many pictures of Ilham .. :(
Ilham took part in the sack relay race (Taufik took a movie of this one), the pick-up relay race (no pictures, they have to run and pick up stuffed toys) and the sprint relay race (self explanatory).
Taufik took pictures as best as he could, so forgive him for the quality of the pics..

We met one of the Malaysian families from Ar@mco and took pictures before we left. Anis decided to go home with Kak F coz she wanted to play with Kak F's daughter. We decided to let Anis go with them since we're gonna meet them for tajweed class tonight anyway (and our kids stay at their house during tajweed class anyway).
Taufik and I stopped by the supermarket where we shared a subway sandwich for lunch and we then bought groceries before Taufik dropped me off at home and he headed off to Ar@mco to meet his clients.

hm.. the house is kinda quiet without Anis around..

Ilham's team cheering for their mates. Ilham is the one waving at the camera.

Ilham doing the sprint relay. Someone commented that he ran in long strides, like a cheetah.

Me, Ilham, Aiman, ABC, Kak F and Anis, after the event. I AM SOOO FAT!!!

They had a few events for parents but I of course, could not participate. Taufik didnt participate either coz he was wearing office shoes. ABD participated in quite a few.. a skipping relay race and a scooter relay race (just like Ihsan's yesterday). He's such a good sport.
Next year we'll go better prepared and will wear more appropriate attire. IF there is a next year.. heh heh.

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