Friday, February 24, 2006

AI 2006 : ... and so there are 20

I actually abstained from writing about Americ@n Id0l the last few days because of my policy of posting only once a day... But today I have nothing to write about, so might as well write about what I thought about the final 24.

I have said before that I am rooting for P@ris and Kellie. After watching the first round however, I found myself also liking Kat and Lisa. I thought that P@ris, Kat and Lisa were the best performers that night. They exuded confidence and ease, and on top of that, humility. I loved the way Kat apologized to the folks behind her for having to stare at her huge butt. She is so cute.
Kellie does not have the most powerful voice among them, but she is SO likeable and SO humble it's hard not to like her. Her story about her grandpa getting offers of sandwiches was so endearing. She really reminds me of C@rrie Underw00d, which is why I think she might get to the final 5, but might not win.
Talking about humility, Brenna's lack of it make me not like her at all.
I think the 3 weakest female contestants based on their performance were Becky (I thought her performence was really really bad), Heather (the forgettable blond.. I had to look up her name) and Stevie (Ethearal voice??? Hello... okay maybe at some points she does sound sweet, but i thought she lacked control).
And I was right.. Becky and Stevie left the competition today. I think Heather will be leaving next week, unless she sings something awesome.

I am still roooting for T@ylor Hicks (Why do I keep calling him Tr@vis? Is there a singer named Tr@vis Hicks?), but on top of him, I am also rooting for Chr1s (damn.. what a voice) and Elliot (double damn). They're not the best looking of the lot (Elliot needs braces, man.. or he needs to brush his teeth more. T@ylor needs to stop those spasms. Chris.. meh.. actually he looks okay.) but I think they definitely have the best voices.
Ace may look good, but his voice is actually kinda nasal, which I find kinda irritating. What gets me more irritated is that he knows he's good looking and he is really2 exploiting that fact (His brother is kinda cute too, huh?). He reminds me of C0nstantine (except he's better looking and is a better singer and doesnt come off as fake.).
Patrick has a much better voice than Ace, but loses big time in the looks department. David singing Queen with an Elvis-like voice.. is. just. wrong.
Bobby singing Barry Manilow .. is. just. wrong.
I thought watching Kevin perform was like watching a plank singing. He was so stiff. But yet, still so cute! *squish*.
I thought Gedeon did not put enough soul into Shout. I just didnt feel it from him.
I wanna hear Bucky tackle a more melodious song next time. Then I'll form some kinda opinion about him. For now, I just want him to wash his hair.
I thought the weakest performers were Bobby and David, but I had a feeling David would be too cute to be voted out.
and I was right, Bobby and Patrick got kicked out today.

Ah well...
can't wait for next week!

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