Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Pasembur (Prawn fritters Salad)

I made pasembur yesterday. Originally I only wanted to make prawn fritters, but then the half a kilo of prawns that we had bought yielded just about 200grams of shelled prawn meat so I had to bulk them up with something else.

So just add chopped raw vegetables (preferrably cucumbers and sengkuang, which is like a very large water chestnut.. I really dont know it's proper english name), some blanched bean sprouts, sliced up fried tofu, sliced boiled potatoes and quartered hard boiled eggs to your sliced up prawn fritters, then top it with the peanut sauce and voila, you have Pasembur or Rojak, a very popular snack in my home country. They sell it almost everywhere..

Does it look good?
Well, actually, the one I made last night didnt turn out so good. There were some 'technical difficulties of the human kind' (read: somehow I had problems tasting yesterday and had put in too much salt). Also notice that there were no sliced fried tofu .. I couldnt find it at the supermarket.

I've posted the recipe for prawn fritters and peanut sauce before, so I won't post it here again..
It's actually not very difficult to do, the only tedious part is chopping stuff up.

There were some leftovers from last night, so now I'm trying to think about what to do with it.
Prawn Fritters - no problem, my kids will gladly eat them up with ketchup
Boiled eggs - I already turned into an egg salad to eat with bread/crackers for breakfast
Boiled potatoes - Bergedil, maybe?
Bean sprouts and sliced cucumbers - hm.. can I make a kerabu (spicy salad) with this?

Any ideas or suggestions? I am sure PB banyak idea...

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