Saturday, February 25, 2006

No need to panic ..

I was flipping through the TV channels yesterday afternoon when I stumbled upon this piece of breaking news.

They didn't offer much information. Only that a bombing attempt was foiled at a S@udi Ar@mco complex.
To me, a 'complex' could mean anything. Was it the residential compound? Was it the refinery complex? Was it one the drilling sites?
I didn't panic, but continued to flip between CN_N, BB_C World and St@r News, just to get more information. Finally towards the evening, I found out the foiled attempt was in Abq@iq, at an oil refinery plant. Some guards dead, all attemptors killed.

You've read me mention Abq@iq before, right? It's where those rock structures were. It's also about an hour's drive away from Taufik was drilling.
So the first thing I did was call him up to ask if he heard anything. He said all he could hear is the sound of drilling. They're pretty remote so they don't get news as fast as normal people do. Someone would have to drive through the desert to get to them and tell them the news.
Well, anyways, .. so the incident is like an hour away from where I am, and about an hour away from where he is.
Suffice to say, we are safe. (Alhamdulillah)

The fact that the bombing was attemped on a Friday (a day off for workers over here) and that it was at an oil refinery plant and not a residential area showed that the terorrist wanted to make an economic impact, not a political/violent one. They did not intend to kill a lot of people, so .. that kinda comforts me somewhat..
I mean, if they had wanted to make a statement by killing foreigners or something, they would have brought the bomb-laden vehicles to one of the Ar@mco residential compounds. That would've made more sense. (But they wouldnt have gotten far either because of all the security checkpoints).

The incident also reminds me of how fragile my life really is. Anything can happen.. and boy, am I not prepared.

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