Friday, February 17, 2006

Four Me Meme

I was tagged by Zan.

Four Jobs:
1. erm I don't know what I was called, but when I was a senior, I opened/closed and monitored the Hybrid Electric Vehicle Lab at UIUC on weekends coz it was just across the street from where I lived.
2. Research Assistant at Tuls@ University Drilling Research Project in Cat00sa, Okl@homa. Remote, cold, lotsa hauling of drilling mud, and singing Pearl Jam in the middle of nowhere (outloud, to the squirrels) just to entertain myself.
3. Process Engineer for the Military Operations Department in M0t0rola. Ah.. those were the days..
4. Senior Software Engineer in charge of the most complicated (and getting even more complicated) Factory Management System ever created in the history of mankind.

and now I am a Domestic Goddess.

Four Movies
1. The Usual Suspects - a bit violent, and I can't understand half of what Benicio Del Torro is saying, but yet still damn entertaining. I live for that last moment when the detective looks around the room and sees everything.. "Kobayashi".
2. Singles - If I dont get to catch the whole movie, I would at least catch "A compliment for us, is a compliment for you" ;)
3. Iron Giant - i have a thing for animated movies.. and this one is just one of my favourites. I had the pirated copy, then I bought an original copy in a tin container. I'm gonna look for the DVD next.
4. Anything with Johnny Depp, or Anything by Tim Burton, or anything WITH Johnny Depp BY Tim Burton (Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Corpse Bride.. and even Ed Wood.).

There's so many actually.. anything with Jim Carrey. Any movies with either P.Ramlee or Noordin Ahmad. Outsiders.

Four Places
Let me just simplify this by region/country:
1. East Coast of Semenanjung Mal@ysia - Kuala Berang, Kuala Trengganu, Kuantan
2. West Coast of Semenanjung Mal@ysia - Sec 17, SS4, SS3 all in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
3. United States of Americ@ - Urb@ana & Champ@ign ( I have lived in both sides of the university town) Illinois, Tuls@ Oklahoma, H0uston Texas.
4. Kingdom of S@udi Ar@bia - Al-Khob@r.

Four TV Shows
Hm.. I guess I will just list what I love watching now, coz it changes by season and region and availability
1. Discovery Channel - mythbusters, extreme machines, fifth gear, that insect show with Rudd.
2. American Idol ... tee hee.. I am rooting for Kelly Pickler, Taylor Hicks and Paris Bennet, by the way.
3. The Weakest Link - Ann annoys me but yet I still watch her.
4. The News on BBC World, CNN and Star News.
can I add.. cartoon network?

Four Vacations
Memorable ones?
1. Pulau Kapas (on a whim) & Pulau Perhentian (slightly better planned, but still it was free&easy)
2. Club Med, Cher@ting.
3. Langk@wi, Kedah
4. The Gastronomical Vacation i just had in December. We didnt go anywhere special, just to my mom's house and my in-laws' and visited some friends.. but still the food was just fantastic.

Four Dishes
This is a wrong question to ask a pregnant woman.
Those that I can cook:
1. Steamed Rice, Soup (chicken or beef or bone or oxtail or even camel), tenggiri jeruk fried with thinly sliced shallots+garlic+chilli and raw cucumber.
2. Crunchy Sambal Tumis Ikan Bilis eaten with anything
3. Pasta in creamy sauce and chopped parsley
4. Mee Udang or Mee Kari (Prawn Noodles or Curry Noodles)
Those that I cannot cook or cannot make as well as the original:
1. My mom-in-law's Kari Ikan (Fish Curry), with fried fish, sambal belacan and assortment of ulam (raw vegetables)
2. My mom's Tepung Boko (tapioca pudding with creamy coconut milk topping)
3. My mom's Nasi Kerabu
4. Laksam (who ever's, but I prefer Kak Ani's)

Four Websites
1. Yahoo
2. Blogs listed in my links, plus a few which I did not link yet
3. gmail

Four I wish I were there
Actually, I'm quite contented with where I am .. but for the sake of fantasy lah kan..
1. M@laysia - nak makannnnnnnnn
2. Makkah al Mukaramah
3. Italy
4. Lebanon

Four Bloggers
I'm gonna choose 2 pregnant women and 2 single guys..
1. Lioness
2. Tynn
3. Russell
4. pizzofmine

So you people can try to beat mine in terms of boring-ness..

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