Monday, February 06, 2006

Learning to write

We were in the kitchen and Anis was practicing her writing while I was cooking when she asked me,
"Bonda, double you macam mana?" (Mom, how do I write double-u?)
"Turun bawah, naik atas, turun bawah, naik atas" (Go down, then up, then down, then up again), I said.
"oh macam ni?" (oh like this?)
and she proceeded to write the letter W successfully.
"Yes! that right! pandai anis.." (Anis is smart..) , I patted her head.
"macam shey eff see shan?" (it's like shey eff see, right?), she grinned at me.
"KFC? macam mana lak macam KFC?" (KFC? How can it be like KFC?) , I was confused
"macam shita mashan burger, fries.." (like where we go to eat burger, fries) , she explained.
"oh... you mean macam McDonald's!! That's an M, sayang" (oh you mean like McDonalds!! That's an M, love.)
"Bonda, M macam mana?" (Mom, how do I write M?) she made a quizzical face
"macam double-u tapi terbalik. Start dari bawah.. naik atas, turun bawah, naik atas, turun bawah.." (it's like W but upside down. Start from the bottom.. go up, down, up, and down again) I showed her how
"Yay!! Shey Eff See!" she raised her hands in triumph.
"M lah! Bukan KFC" (it's the letter M, not KFC)
"oshay...." and she starts to scribble something else.

"Bonda, cuba tengok, apa anis tulis.." (Mom, try and see what I wrote) and she held up her writing book to me
and guess what, next to her M, she had written an E, an O, and a W.
"Meow?? Anis, you just wrote 'meow', sayang! Pandainya!!" as I pointed to the word she had inadvertantly wrote
"Yay!! Meow.... masham shat" (Meow, like a cat) and she went off and started meowing all over the house.

my little cute kitten

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