Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Daddy's little girl

I'm not gonna blog tomorrow, so I'll just write this today

Sometimes I am jealous of the relationship that Anis has with Taufik.

It's not that the relationship is special or that it's different between me and her. She dotes on me as much as she dotes on Taufik. She'd hug and kiss me and Taufik (or whoever whe wants), as often and whenever she wants. Sometimes she choses me over Taufik, and sometimes she choses Taufik over me. (And sometimes I am relieved that she choses Taufik over me, coz I had already spent the whole day with her .. tee hee)

I guess what I am really jealous of is how Taufik treats her.
How he lets Anis kiss him in public, but not me. How he hugs Anis whenever he wants to but not me. How sometimes he would call Anis and actually asks for a hug and kiss, but he never asks from me. How he would spend time combing her hair, disentangling it gently and putting on the hair tonic so that it doesn't get tangled again but it's been months since he combed my hair (the last time was when he gave me a haircut). How he walks in the door with a toned down "Assalamu-alaikum..." and then switches to an excited "Hello!!!" when he sees Anis and Anis would shriek out a giggly "Ayah!!!" and run up to him (and I'd hear him go "ugh!" as Anis hugs him tight).

picture taken by ihsan, hence the poor quality


But then again, at night in our bed, when he's got his arms around me and hears Anis call out to him and all he does is bury his head deeper into my bosom and only respond to her with an annoyed grunt,
I know that I'm still number one in his heart :)


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