Monday, July 10, 2006

world cup whirlwind

Since the match started at 9pm (khob@r time) last night, the whole family was on the couch watching the game.
I went to the loo at the beginning of the game and missed the penalty Zizou shot at the 7th minute. damn.. you can't even go to take a leak!
When materazzi scored with that header at the 19th minute, we (Taufik and I) thought "all right... *now* it's going to be a real fight!".
There were of course a lot of attacks and failed attempts .. but that still didnt keep us from feeling sleepy.
Taufik went to bed about halfway through the 2nd half (coz he's gotta go to work the next day), I stayed but started dozing off bit by bit 15 minutes before the 2nd half was over. The boys keept coming out of their room to check on me, "Bonda, are you watching or are you sleeping??" while threatening to switch offf the TV, to which I would reply "I'm watching...!! There's only 10 (or 5 or 2) minutes left!".
The extra time was a blurr to me. Everytime I woke up, I would check the score, since it was still 1-1, i would go back to sleep.

The next thing I knew, they were tossing coins for a penalty shoot-out (and the french goalie patted cannavaro's butt).
Zizou is nowhere to be seen. I heard something about a red card? I have to watch the replayof the game.
I saw the Trezeguet miss his shot (Doesnt he look like the love child of Mawi and the lead singer of Sheila on 7?). Poor him.. i'm sure he'll be regretting missing that shot for a very very long time.

Was I the only one who is geli geleman (getting the heebee jeebies) watching the italians celebrate the win?
The amount of sweaty bodies grabbing, kissing, hugging, even humping (watch what one of the players did to Buffon on the chair!) that I saw was enough for me to give the celebration an R rating.
I know the italians are very touchy-feely people, but damn... that was too much for me, man.

well, anyways.
Congratulations to the Italians (and their supporters).
I'm gonna go and read up on what happened to Zizou now.

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