Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Viva Italia! Sorry, Germany

I can't believe I stayed up to watch the game, but I am glad I did.
I watched the first half of the first half with Izani in my arms, but he soon fell asleep, so I put him to bed.
I managed to stay awake throughout the second half of the first half, by flipping between watching the game and Law&Order SVU.
I was weaving in and out of wakefulness during the second half and extra time.
When they went to the second half of extra time with no scores, I thought for sure it was gonna end with a penalty shoot-out. I was kinda bummed about it. I stayed up for this?
When Pirlo got the ball with 2 minutes to go, I remember distinctively thinking, "Ini mesti kena palang lagi nih" (It's going to hit the bars again),
then he passed it to Grosso, who kicked the ball kinda skewed
and I was sure it was gonna be out,
when it curved,
and. went. in!
I jumped off the couch, whispering to myself "YES! YES! YES!" (coz the rest of the house is asleep).
I was doing a little jig in front of the TV while the germans frantically tried to equalize when I heard Izani cry.
I went into my room to pick the baby up, only to come back out to see the replay of Del Piero's goal.
What? what? what?
I was confused at first, but as soon as I saw Ballack cry, I knew that the game was over, and Italy goes to Berlin !

I wasn't actually rooting for anyone, but Firhad and I was predicting that Germany would win, coz they've been really good throughout the tournament. But we also knew that Italy would not go down without fighting.
Boy, what a fight it was. I was really glad for Grosso's score. Coz if it had to go to a penalty shoot out, it could've gone either way, and it would've been a victory that is less sweet.

I really felt sad when I saw the german players cry though.. and also the german fans..
I am sorry, Deutschland fans, but that's the way the ball rolls..

Tonight: Portugal vs France!!

p/s added a picture to my Easy Peasy Cashew Chicken post.

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