Wednesday, July 19, 2006

guilt trip

Gosh so much is going on in my mind.

I had forgotten where Beit Atfal As-Samoud was located.
I had to dig up my drawer of letters to find out. and it took a while, coz you can't really sit down and rummage through drawers when there are 3 curious kids looking over your shoulder, asking what every other thing is, and having a baby cry every other hour, watch the news in between, and having to do chores in between and blog in between..
[excuses mexcuses!]
anyways. I feel bad. coz I just managed to find the letters this morning and realized that Beit Atfal As-Samoud is in SOUTH Lebanon!
Astaghfirullah-hal-azim. Oh. my. god.
I really hope my daughter's ok.
What makes me feel worse is that I havent written to her in a long while, even though I have been sending money.
arrggghh the guilt the guilt!
I wrote MSRI today, asking if they heard any news.
I am really praying that the kids are safe.
I wonder if I can call them up. Are the phones even working???
arrrggghhhhhh the guilt, the guilt!!!

Maybe that's why I got so riled up.
It's my guilty conscience.

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