Saturday, July 08, 2006

the talk about the home


I was in the kitchen washing dishes when Ilham came down and sat with me.
"are you feeling under the weather?" he asked.
"why do you ask?" i turned to look at him suspiciously.
"I dunno, you look sad .. or not well." he shrugged.
I asked him where he learned that phrase, "Under the weather", coz I've never heard him use it before.
He said he learned it from the Wilf and Chip stories, the books that he gets for his reading assignments at school.
I am just glad the he's picking up something from those readings.


I was breastfeeding the baby when Ilham asked me whether I was like a bomber.
"What??" I asked, wrinkling my forehead.
"You know, when fighter planes run out of fuel, they go to these huge bombers that will re-fuel them while they're still flying in the air" he explains.
"oh.. those are not called bombers.. they're called.. fuel.. tanker.. airplane. thingies.." I tried to offer.
"oh. so are you like .. that?" he asked again.
"why do you think i'm like those planes?" I asked, even though I know what the answer is. I just wanted to hear what he thinks.
"well, whenever Izani needs milk, all he has to do is go to you and suck on you.. just like those planes. So are you?" he says.
"I guess..." was all I could answer without laughing.


We were at a Thai restaurant when a guy selling vcds came over to show his wares. The kids saw one titled "Dinocroc" and got all excited about it. I dissuaded them by telling how those movies hardly ever show the animal in full length, unlike when they watch Dinosaurs or Jurassic Park. They only show a bit of the mouth, then a bit of the eye, then a bit of the tail, or the back, never the whole animal. The rest of the movie are usually just dialogues of people arguing over what kind of animal is it and who's going to go and kill it.
"I. don't. understand. a. word. you're. saying" Ilham said.
So I explained it again. After the third time, I grew tired and asked Ihsan to explain to his brother.
"Abang," Ihsan started, "That movie is no good. They dont show the whole dinocroc. We will only see the beak. or the eye. or the tail. It's no good." and he was done.
"okay" Ilham said.
It always takes a kid to talk to a kid.


We were watching Master&Commander. We came to the part where that French vessel re-appeared behind the English naval ship.
"Oh no! It's that boat again!" Anis said.
I never knew she could follow the movie.

Anis was playing school with Ihsan. Anis was the teacher and it was time for dancing lesson.
"okay, let's clap" she ordered, and Ihsan followed.
Clap clap clap.
"okay, feeze!!" she said.
"What?" we all went.
"Feeze!" she said again, this time emphasizing it with her palms out, signaling to her brother to stop.
"Oh, freeze..." Ihsan giggled.


Izani's not talking yet, but this is what we do during bath time.

I didn't get to watch Rawkstar Supernawva result show coz Taufik has an eversion to screaming banshees. But I found out from TWOP that Matt go kicked out, coz he sang Duran-Duran.
I like Duran-Duran, but any idiot would know that you do not sing Duran-Duran to former members of Metallica, Guns N Roses and Motley Crue, and then say you want to be their lead singer.
Happy selling real-estate, matt.

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