Monday, July 03, 2006

I want to go somewhere!!!

awww mannnn....
everyone is going home..
Most of the melayus in Ar@mco and also Kh@lud have gone home..
and we're stuck here.. :(
damn damn damn
At least my husband gets to drive to work, or drive out to the rig sites. At least he gets to travel and go somewhere.
Me and the kids?
We are stuck here in the house, coz it's too damn hot to go out.

I think I mentioned before, that when I agreed to move here, I had dreams of travel and adventure. I had dreams of being like I@n Wr1ght (only with a few kids tagging along), with a tuareg blue scarf around my face, riding a camel through the desert to rendesvous with a roasted lamb in a clear oasis with swaying palm trees and persian carpet covered tent. I had dreams of visiting the pyramids. I had dreams of taking pictures i front of that ruin in Jordan where Indi@na J0nes had gone on his last crusade. I had dreams of visiting the moroccan night market and sampling the snails that the guys in one of the legs in Am@zing R@ce competed to sell. I had dreams of watching a belly dancer in ist@nbul.
In reality, I feel like Aung S@N Suu Kyi, under house arrest (except maybe her house is probably nicer than mine). The furthest I've been outside of Kh0bar is Riy@dh, and we probably wouldnt have gone there if it wasnt for Izani. The only persian carpets I've been on are at other people's houses. The closest to a ruin that I got is the burnt down mall near Al-rahmaniyah center. The nearest thing to a local market I've been to is the mydin-like discount store Ramez. The only wiggly belly I'm looking at is mine.
Di manakah janji janji mu???

I can't blame Taufik for our failure to travel though. The first month we got here I got pregnant, so for 9 months, I wasnt fit to travel anyways. And now we've got to wait for Izani to get his passport before we can go anywhere.
But after Izani gets his passport, I want Taufik to fully utilize his vacation allowance!
I have a few ideas:
1. The Meditteranean Tour: Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Cyprus .. but now with the Israelis bombing Palestine (and maybe even Syria one of these days), I don't know how safe is that.
2. The European Drive, Warm countries: Macedonia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal
3. The european Drive, Cold countries: Switzerland, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway
4. The Islamic Tour: Historical landmarks around Saudi
5. Short trips to: Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, U.A.E.

I think having an idea is a start. Now I can start researching and planning and see which ones are feasible.
I prefer to drive, coz then we're not constrained by schedules and waiting for other people. But travelling on our own might pose issues with the uncertainty of accomodation and food. I wish I had a friend in every country, whose living room floor we can sleep on. :)
Maybe I should wait for bloo to come back from Prague and ask her how she planned hers..

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