Monday, July 24, 2006

today, monday

monday is not even the first day of the week over here, and I am still having problems with mondays.

1. my freezer has no meat in it. no chicken, no beef, no swakni lamb. I think i have 2 sticks of sausages. and some potato wedges. 2 tubs of ice cream.
2. I don't know what to have for lunch!! *pulls hair* aarrrrrgggghhhh
3. I want to make choux buns (read: cream puffs) but I only have 2 eggs in the fridge. That means I need to walk to the mini market. can you spell M.A.L.A.S?
4. I'm making the cream puffs for tonight's tajweed class. They've moved it from wednesday back to Monday coz the hosts are going back to Malaysia for a vacation this Wednesday.
5. My kids are really really really really really really reallly reaaaaallllllly annoying me. The ones who can talk and bicker and scream with each other and make a mess of the house. The ones who won't eat when and what I tell them to. The ones who havent bathed or brushed their teeth at 10am. The ones who have got their PS2 confiscated time and time again and never learn.

okay now the baby is crying. gotta go.

p/s Updated Izani's blog.

Edited to add:

ah.. This is one of those days that it pays to be a goddess.
I discovered that I had leftover Ayam Masak Merah (Chicken in red Sauce, with 2.5 pieces of chicken left), a quarter of an omellete and about half a cucumber from last night (I didnt know I had them coz Taufik helped put them away after dinner while I went to bathe Izani). I also had a packet of Pancit Canton (chinese egg noodles) somewhere in my cupboards.
So after boiling the noodles till tender and draining it, de-boning and cutting up the chicken into bite sized pieces, sauteing some thinly sliced shallots and garlic, adding the chicken and red sauce, adding abit of water, tomato sauce (to cut down the spicyness of the red sauce), sweet soy sauce, sugar&salt&pepper to taste, then tossing the noodles + finely chopped omellette and cucumber in ... voila!
Fried noodles for lunch!
I had mine garnished with crispy fried shallots and roasted cashews. I was into my last few forkfuls when I heard izani waking up.
Just in time... !

but damn.. I still need to get eggs for the choux buns..

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