Sunday, July 30, 2006

my four hours for friends

If you havent read it yet, last night (this morning, to readers in Malaysia) I helped out PB and the rest of the gang with Blogathon 2006 for Aman Palestine.

Here were my posts during my 'shift':

Sat July 29th, 08:29PM (GMT +3) My turn!
Sat July 29th, 08:57PM (GMT +3) How to make a simple centerpiece
Sat July 29th, 09:28PM (GMT +3) How it all started
Sat July 29th, 09:58PM (GMT +3) Finger games, part 1: the counting game
Sat July 29th, 10:29PM (GMT +3) Finger games, part 2: thumb wrestling
Sat July 29th, 10:59PM (GMT +3) Finger games, part 3: Rock, paper, scissors a.k.a. O-som
Sat July 29th, 11:28PM (GMT +3) My Palestinian daughter
Sat July 29th, 11:58PM (GMT +3) Chocolate-cream-filled Choux buns

It was kinda fun, skype-ing with lollies and PB while waiting for the deadline to loom. My heart goes frantic everytime lollies tell me "okay post now, now now!!!" and I click the Submit button.
I went frantic when Nonah (who took over after my shift ended) posted just a minute late. I thought maybe she got confused with the timing or something.
so kaypoh. so embarassing.

Anyways, the blogathon is not over yet!! we still have 7 more hours to go!!
so hop on over to primarybasic and support us!
Read entries, leave comments, cheer us on .. and donate if you want :)


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