Wednesday, July 26, 2006


If you want to scare your husband off committing extra-marital affairs, make him watch Dera1led.

First, you entice him to watch it with two words: "Jennifer An1ston" and "S3xual Affair".
Then you go "wow, is it that easy?" when they start lying to their spouses.
Then *BAM* say "Padan Muka!!" (Serves him right) when Cl1ve Owen's life is wrecked just like a derailed train and he gets hit where men hurt the most: their wallets.

The story is quite intriguing even though the dialogue is quite predictable.
No nudity, a bit of underwear, but there is some for3play and a blurred s3x scene, so please be forewarned.
I found the ending to be too good to be true, but satisfying.

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