Friday, July 07, 2006

rawkstar supernawva

right off the bat, I like:

I think some of them sounded very very pitchy. I mean I understand that this is rock n roll, therefore you can improvise, but at least sing on key. I hate the way Zayra sings. I think Jill is okay, but some parts of her (you know which part) reminds me too much of Pam (you know.. anderson), which might either attract or put off Tommy Lee. I think Jennie from Canada rawks with her guitar, but her voice somehow belongs more in the pop genre.
Some of them have the charisma of a t-shirt, except for Phil, who has the charisma of a test tube. He should stick to chemistry.

am i being cruel?
it's not Americ@n Id0l. You can get away with being cute and innocent and sweet and cuddly wuddly on that. In rawkstar, you need to be able to do more than scream a song in tune. You need to be able to draw people like a vampire. You need to be able to make girls (or men) faint when you move on stage. You need to be able to keep me watching (and rawkin).

so let's see who fits the bill this time.

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