Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'm all thumbs

I managed to borrow some DVDs from a friend. So my life have been totally packed with entertainment these past few weeks. Here's what my thumbs thought of the movies I managed to watch:

P0lar Express
I thought the animation was awesome. I seriously believe that they filmed the actors live, then managed to make it look 'animated' in some way. I also think that they did this film with a ride in mind, coz most of the scenes contained some sorta trip down some kinda track, almost like a rollercoaster ride. After watching H00dwinked, Ice Ag3 The meltd0wn, which also had scenes like that, it doesnt give you the same excitement as the first time you saw it in an animated movie, y'know? In fact, it's getting kinda stale.
Story-wise, I thought it was kinda sweet. I almost cried when the boy couldnt hear the sleigh bells. But then when the movie was over, i found it kinda funny, how some people work so hard to make kids believe that there really is a Santa Claus. Isnt it almost blasphemous to make people believe that there's another supreme being out there besides God? I have never read the Bible from start to finish, but was Santa Claus even mentioned?
Or am I making too much out of it?
ah well, we don't believe in Santa anyways and my kids know he doesnt really exist, so we saw the movie just as entertainment, so rating it on that value, I'd give it a 1.5 thumbs up.

The We@ther Man
oh.my.god. what a waste of time. I didnt learn anything from watching this movie. My kids learned a few new cuss words though, which made me feel uncomfortable thruout the whole time I was watching it. I mean, do you really need to cuss that much? Do real people cuss That much?
2 thumbs down.

The H0use of Flying D@ggers
Cinematographically, this movie was SO BEAUTIFUL! The sceneries that was used as the backgrounds in this movie was like those you find in motivational/inspirational posters. The kung-fu action was okay, because I don't really like flying, jumping from tree to tree kinda kung fu coz they look so unreal.
This is not, however, a movie for kung-fu fanatics, because it's actually a romance in disguise. My husband got bored halfway (plus he hates having to read subtitles) and I ended up watching the rest of the movie another day, with the kids. It's got Takeshi Kanishiro(sp?), so just for that,.. 2 thumbs up! tee hee.

The J@cket
This was a surreal movie. It's sorta like 12 monkeys, but less apocalyptic. Furthermore, it has a happy ending. I was expecting it to be really scary, but it turned out it wasnt scary at all. It was kinda sweet and corny, really. I'm glad I watched this before the next movie, because it would've thrown me off to see Kiera Knightley not talking english-english..
erm.. 1.75 thumbs up, only because I found Adrien Br0dy kinda annoying.

Pr1de & Prejudice
I thought it was a typical period-english movie, nothing overly extraordinary about it. I mean, there's nothing about it to set it apart from say, Sense and Sensibility or Emma, or Howard's End (which is, in a class of it's own).
I dunno, maybe I am just prejudiced coz I always found Jane Austen to be a tad condescending toward 'less unfortunate' people.
The cinematography was beautiful though.
1.75 thumbs, only because I think Donald Sutherland is awesome, and Kiera did quite a good job.

The New W0rld
i didnt even finish watching this one, because it was so boring. I only borrowed it coz I was curious about Q'orianka Kilcher. But after about half an hour, I was wishing I was watching D1sney's pocahontas instead. Q'orianka was really cute, though.
0.5 thumbs up, for Q'orianka.

The Sk3leton K3y
I was really scared to watch this movie, coz mokciknab told me she got spooked by it. I watched this movie with Taufik (I made him stay and watch with me even when he said he was bored), and endured his scathing comments about how stupid the girl was, why doesnt she turn on the light, why is she such a snoop, why can't she just stay in her room diam-diam..blah di blah. Kalau dia dok diam-diam je, tak jadi cerita lah pulak... kan?
I thought it was okay. I'm glad there's no ju-0n like ghosts because I hate those kinda movies. It's not like blood and gore either, so that made me like it.
I really liked the ending. Got me thinking about it for the whole night.
2 thumbs up!

if you're wondering, I didnt get to watch rawkstar supernawva last week, coz i didnt know they had a live show on wednesday morning, and wednesday night I went to my tajweed class and I didnt catch the repeat on Thursday noon coz I went out to lunch at Chilli's.
I know Chris got the boot tough. i had wished it had been Zayra, coz she's starting to look kinda like a fake rawkstar.

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