Tuesday, July 04, 2006

cute little critter

We were on our walk yesterday afternoon and Anis brought the camera along. She took several blurry pictures of the surroundings and of us, when I saw her stop at a corner a few feet in front of us and she was looking down on the grass lining the sidewalk and she was squealing "so cute!!".
It was a tiny mouse!
and it was sooo cute. It was running on the pavement at first, but soon ran back on the grass. My kids and I gathered around the tiny mouse and followed it around a bit.
Anis wanted to pick it up, but I have this paranoia about germs and stuff, so I told her not to.
"But it's so cute!!" she squealed.
I compromised by taking a picture instead.

the cute little critter that could be carrying the plague for all we know

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