Thursday, April 06, 2006


:confused: :confused: :confused:

Diorang ni takder telinga ker??? kenapalah tak vote out mat sengau tu keluar?? aku tak percaya tak percaya tak percayaaaaaa...!

I was crying when Ryan revealed that the bottom three were Mandisa, Elliot and P@ris. I was yelling NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! at the TV when P@ris was declared safe and Elliot and Mandisa was left. I didnt want any of them to go. I don't think they deserved it.

I am really really really reallly shocked that Mandisa got voted out. Granted that yesterday was not her best performance, I didnt think it would result in her getting voted out. I thought she still brought it on even with an unfamiliar song.

I didnt think she'd end up as the Id0l, but I was hoping that at least she'd be in the final (and I had had high hopes that by some miracle, the americ@n public wouldn't be as superficial as I thought they were and would vote her to be the winner).
I guess I was wrong.

I really do hope she has had enough exposure from the show though. Would she be tied to whoever produces the show? Because I am sure some recording company would grab her in a heartbeat.

I wish Mandisa good luck. I would really miss watching her sing.

Bodoh bodoh bodoh lah korang nihhhhh!!! geram betulllllll

:@ :|

Tapikan... lagi bodoh kita sebab emo pasal program TV... kih kih kih... ;)

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