Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The ABCs of Elisa

Seeing this everywhere nowadays.. so I thought i'd give it a shot..

accent: I dont think I have one, but Malaysians tell me I have an American accent, whilst Americans tell me I have a Malaysian accent.. go figure.

booze: never touched a drop in my life.. I like to stay in control.

chore I hate: sweeping up and dusting, coz I'm allergic to dust. Also ironically, i'm allergic to dust.

dog or cat: When I was about 8, I used to have a cat named 'Kelabu' which means Grey because he was. He ran away from home and we never saw him again. Can't have any cats anymore coz Ihsan is slightly asthmatic.

essential electronics: The idjit box, if nothing else. A PC would be a plus.

favourite perfume/cologne: Lauren by Ralph Lauren, but now they've discontinued it, I'm using Glamorous. (rasa macam very the glamour gitew....)

gold or silver: my ear piercings are allergic to everything else but sterling silver, but anywhere else I wear gold (If i have them.. I don't have that much jewellery)

home: is wherever my husband and kids are. It can be a hotel room in Cherating for 3 days, it would still feel like home.

insomnia: hm.. I don't think I've ever had insomnia.. We Bustamans have a thing about sleep. We can never get enough.

job title: domestic goddess, sculptor of the minds of the future caretakers of the earth.

kids: Ilham, soon to be 8 year old boy. Ihsan, 7 year old boy in October. Anis, girl who just turned 4 in March. Izani, soon to be born son (check out my ticker!).

living arrangement: renting a 3-bedroom house in Canary Village, Al-Kh0bar, S@udi Ar@bia.

most admired trait: hm... I hope it's my attitude towards life, but I don't know.. this is really a question you've gotta ask someone else to answer for me.

number of sexual partners: only one, ever. Taufik, my husband.

overnight hospital stays: 4. 3 for delivery of my kids, and an extra one for when Anis had to be admitted for UV treatment for jaundice. There's another coming soon this Saturday.

phobia: my kids turning out bad

quote: "we were but stones, your light made us stars", taken from Lightyears by Pearl Jam. It reminds me that knowledge is a powerful thing, and to always pursue it. It reminds me that whatever I do can affect the lives of other people so I need to be generous but also careful.

religion: I'm a muslim and damn proud of it.

siblings: one elder sister, three younger sisters and one younger brother. All, but one, blogs.

time I usually wake up: depends on what time Subuh is, then I go back to sleep and wake up at 6:30am.

unusual talent: *thinks* I can stick my upper lips to my nostrils.. and it irritates the hell outta Taufik.

vegetable I refuse to eat: raw onions.

worst habit: picking on my skin.

x-rays: chest and teeth.

yummy foods I make: have you read my blog lately?? check out the 'culinary jam' category. If it's not under there, it means I'm not so good at making it.

zodiac sign: Virgos Rawks!

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