Friday, April 07, 2006

can you spell h.e.c.t.i.c? I can spell f.u.l.f.i.l.l.i.n.g :)

Yesterday was a pretty hectic day.
Woke up, brushed my teeth, then made breakfast of sausages, toast, scrambled egges and baked beans.
The dining table was humming with conversation and occassional spurts of 'yummy yummy' coming from the kids.
After breakfast we who could reach over the sink washed the dishes and as with most Thursdays, it was then time to clean the house.
I cleaned the kitchen counters and scrubbed the sink and stove top.
Ihsan helped clean the kitchen table which was slightly crusted with cornflakes.. :P. He also helped dust some of the furniture in the living room.
Anis arranged shoes.
Ilham .. hm.. he helped me wash the dishes and then he went to write a story about dinosaurs.
Taufik vacuumed everything and then mopped everything.

My stove top had this spots of batter (from frequent frying of banana and sweet potato fritters) which I had put off from scrubbing for .. err.. months. Wiping them off didnt work. I had to spray it with my cleaning solution (homemade - water + laundry detergent + bleach, coz I am too much of a cheapo to pay 12.90 for the kinds sold in stores) leave it on for a bit and the scrub it off using a plastic brush. After about half an hour with unsatisfactory results, (Who knew batter sticks so hard to the surface if you've left it there for months?)(Well, apparently, I was the only one who didnt know).. I resorted to scraping it off with my nails.. hee hee.. whatever works, eh?

After downstairs was all cleaned up, we went upstairs. We got a little distracted by 'Most Wanted', a movie that was showing on TV. There was a scene where Keenan Ivory Wayans was at this lady's kitchen and he said "What's that smell?, it smells like Ammonium Sulfide (or some chemical)" and he looks over at the microwave which was counting down from 25 seconds and he says "RUN!!" and runs out of the house, which eventually exploded.
Taufik and I looked at each other and said "Why didnt he just press Stop?" "Ntah laaaaaa...."
I then went to clean my bathroom. Anis helped me out. I gave her a sponge/scrubber, took off all her clothes and let her scrub the bath tub. Good thing that she helped, too, coz when I was squatting and trying to scrub off the spots that she didnt get, it felt like I was having a contraction.
The boys did the kids' bathroom and Taufik helped mop and clean-up the bits that the kids didnt get.
Then everyone finally showered and we went out for lunch.

We miscalculated our timing and arrived just as the Thai restaurant that we wanted to eat at was closing. damn.
We headed for Mughal which I dreaded going to coz I didnt feel like eating Pakistani/Arab food and I whined about it and we were bickering when we saw this other Thai shop tucked in a corner and decided to stop there instead.
Food was quite good, but was expensive. We had Prawn Tom Yum (medium size and medium spicy), a large fried fish in sweet and sour sauce, a huge plate of mixed Thai vegetables (brocolli, stringbeans, kailan in oyster sauce with prawns, beef, chicken and squid), with white rice and a pitcher of ice tea = SR105. (Oh and Anis had her bowl of noodles in chicken soup). Expensive by our warung standards..

After lunch we went to the barbershop to give the boys a haircut. I had to wait in the car. After some of the customers left, Taufik managed to move the car so that we were right by the shop window. Anis and I got to watch them get their haircuts. Ilham always has this funny tickly face when he gets his haircut. And the barber always has to hold and turn his head this way and that. He's very wriggly. Ihsan would just keep his head down real low, his chin kept tight to his chest. They looked funny with really short hair, but good. "You look so funny!!" Anis would tell them when they got into the car.
While Taufik and Ilham went for Asar prayers at a nearby mosque, Ihsan was playing "smell my head" with Anis, forcing his noggin close to Anis's nose and Anis would say "eyewwwww" and they would giggle. Repeatedly.
I told them not to unlock the car for anyone else but Ayah and Abang Ilham and took a nap instead. I was woken up by Anis who told me that Ayah wants me to open the door for him.

Then we headed for the market square where they sold plants.
We bought 20 pots of this red tufty flowering plants (ekor kucing?) for SR1 each and 10 pots of japanese roses for SR1.50 each. We wanted to buy some potting soil, but they were expensive, so we just bought a small bag for SR10.
We went home, and taufik planted the red flowers along the driveway and the japanese roses in our backyard.
The kids played outside for a bit.
Then we watched Simpsons and Malcolm In The Middle.
Then I made dinner.
Then we ate dinner.
Then we washed the dishes.
Then we watched Americ@n Id0l, then I blogged while the kids played with the PS2 with their father.
Then I heard them go to bed and share a joke that I didnt catch but seemed to be really funny coz they were laughing non-stop, which made me shut down the computer and go to bed myself.

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