Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ligation, Laksam and Later, Lanky

Went to see the Ob&Gyn today for the pre-op stuff. They took my blood and urine and she checked the baby's heartbeat. Still going strong, alhamdulillah.
Then we went through my operation requests.. c-section, the non-dissolving sutures .. and I pointed out that we have decided to go ahead with the ligation.
She gave me a horrored gasp and said "no we cannot, because it is haram".
"anyway you only have 3 kids now, 2 boys and one girl, maybe you might want another girl" she insisted.
"I thought we're only allowed four c-sections" I asked.
"you're able to have up to 6" she explained.
"I do not want another one" Taufik said.
"Well, we're not going to do a ligation, you can opt for other types of contraceptives" and the Doctor made it final.
I was kinda p1ssed actually.
I mean, I'm not p1ssed because I can't have the ligation. It was because she didnt say anything about it being haram or that she didnt want to do it when I first brought it up. She just told me to reconsider. And after thinking about for months and considering the consequences and after I have made my decision, she is saying NO.
Does she even have the right to??
Dammit. She could have said so in the first place, then I wouldnt have to even bother thinking about it to make a decision.
and I was so looking forward to unbridled s3x...
tee hee.
I am resigned to the decision though.. maybe there's a reason behind it.
Wallahu-a'lam. Only God Knows.
Adalah hikmah dia tu kat mana-mana.. kan?

I went to my friend's house today. I had asked around for a second hand (because we are cheap that way) travel system (car seat that can be mounted to a stroller) and she was willing to part with hers coz her youngest is almost 2 and is too big for the car seat anyways.
So we went to her house to pay for it and pick it up.
She made me Laksam!!! Because she remembered how I was craving for it a few months ago and wanted to make sure I had some before I gave birth. That was so nice of her. And it was good too!! She only had long beans and cucumber for ulam (raw vegetables to be eaten with the steamed flat rice noodles and fish and coconut cream gravy) but I'm just thankful that it had some semblance of the real thing. I had 2 bowls of it and skipped dinner. :)
I still needed to cook dinner for the rest of the house though.. :P

Later, Lanky
I hated that they did a medley of Queen songs.. it was too much like Broadway.
(I'm talking about AI , by the way).
Okay.. I cried when Ryan said Elliot was in the bottom 3. I cried when he sang Somebody to Love again. I screamed NO with the crowd in the TV when ryan asked if Elliot deserved to go home. Clean up your ears and listen carefully americ@!! Elliot can sing!!
I skipped the whole Face part. I didnt want to have to go thru the agony of watching him try to perform We Will Rock You again.
I am sad that Lanky Bucky had to go, but I am also happy that it wasn't Elliot. I think aside from Taylor, Bucky showed that he has the most fun when he's on stage. He always has that smile, he's always dancing or something. I think he had the best time on the show.
I don't understand why The Face is still there. I think it's because he has all of Colorado and Bucky had to share North Carolina with Chris.
I hope he goes out next week, coz he really sucked this week.

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