Friday, April 21, 2006

I'm baaccckkkk!!!


okay before I say anything else, I'd like to state that I didnt get to watch this week's Americ@n Id0l and that my only regret is not seeing the The Face go with my own two eyes. Yes yes yessssssss!!!

Warning: May contain gory details and way too much information

So I delivered Baby Izani on Saturday, 15th of April. (i'll get to changing the ticker tomorrow).
It was pretty quick. I was rolled into the operating room around 10am. They poked the IV into me, then strapped me down, then a lady held a mask in front of my face (but didnt attach it) and I caught a whiff of something smelling vaguely of insecticide.
Another lady put her face in my view and said something like "kaserser" and I said I didnt speak arabic and she repeated "kaserser" and I finally comprehended. "Catheter? oh, okay" I said and the lady poked me around 'down there' and stuck stuff up my you know what. Damn. Only then did I recall the benefits of being on epidural.
Then the doctor came and started to swab my abdomen and I was like starting to panic coz hey I'm not unconcious yet!! Don't start! Don't start!
and the next thing I knew, they were calling my name and I remember going "mmm" in reply. I started to shiver, which I found really weird but I remember someone telling me about it so I didnt freak out or anything.
After that I started to feel pain and am reminded again how good epidural is. I told the nurse about the pain and she injected something into my IV that made it bearable. I think it was around 11am that I was rolled out and sent back to my room.
I didnt get to see Izani till around 3pm or so coz he had to sit under the light to heat his body up or something. Taufik said when they rolled the baby out, Izani was so quiet.. he didnt even cry.
Izani has thick black hair like Ilham, and he looks like Ilham and Anis when they were babies.
I tried to breastfeed him on the first day, but didnt have much milk, so I gave him the bottle. He's quite a drinker, this boy.

The recovery was pretty quick too. No nausea, no dizziness. Though I slept for abit while waiting for the baby. I was also really hungry and thirsty.
By the second day they had taken out the catheter and I was expected to go to the loo on my own. I was allowed to drink. I was also asked to walk about, which was kinda difficult with the IV. The nurses/doctors kept coming in to ask whether I had pass motion/gas, to which I would answer no.
On the third day when I still have not passed motion/gas, my doctor decided to give me an enema. *Ouch*. But after that they allowed me to eat pureed carrot soup. I was just happy to get something to eat.
They also took out the plaster covering the cut on the third day, and replaced it with just a dressing of gauze and tape. I was quite suprised, because for my previous deliveries, they didnt do that till maybe after a week! I was kinda scared of moving about coz of the 'wobbly bits'. They took off my IV from time to time to allow me to walk around the room coz they said it would help with my digestion. It didnt help.
Fourth day was a bliss, coz I discovered that the wound didnt hurt as much as it did in my previous deliveries. I got them to bring Izani to the room ans breastfed him for the whole day. He looked a bit yellow though. I told the nurse that I wanted to go home the next day if possible, so to make sure that I could bring the baby home as well.
The next morning (fifth day), we found out that Izani has jaundice, so he had to be under phototherapy the whole day. I couldnt breastfeed or see him, so I had to pump my milk out. I was super-bored in my room. I finished reading Gertrude and Claudius. Watched TV and more and more TV. In the evening I checked with the nursery and discovered that we had to stay and extra day. Anis came from ABC's house and we found that she had fallen on her face and her two front teeth had been pushed up into her gums. She looked so bad, I cried. I felt kinda guilty (for not being there for her) and kinda angry (like when you let someone borrow your car and found a huge dent when they return it to you). I cried alone when she left for home that night.
Oh, they also took out my stitches! And amazingly, I felt pretty good.
The next day (which was yesterday, Thursday) Taufik brought Anis to see the orthodontist and he said the two front teeth are loose and are pushed up into the gums which is making the gums swell, but they're not touching the permanent teeth, so there shouldn't be any deformities, but to come again in a week for a follow-up.
Izani was under phototherapy again and we were to check again in the evening on whether he could be discharged. Alhamdulillah, the evening's blood test showed that his bilirubin level is now safe, so he can go home. We packed our bags and settled the bill (can't remember how much it was.. around 8k I think). I hugged the nurses goodbye.
I got home, unpacked, changed into my jammies. Izani was asleep the whole time. He woke up at around midnight to feed. and again at around 4am ..
Here we go...

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