Saturday, April 08, 2006

Gone!! It's all gone!!

know this is like, so superficial, but I can't help it!!

Yesterday I was busy cooking dinner and the kids were upstairs with their Ayah and I heard the sounds of Call of Duty 2 so I didnt suspect anything.
So when dinner was ready I called them to come down and we were at the dinner table and Anis sat beside me and gave me a grin and said "Ayah potong rambut"
I thought she meant that Taufik had a haircut yesterday, so I just uh-hmed and asked her to eat her rice.
"Ayah potong rambut Anis" she said.
I was like, WHAAAATTTT???? and took a look at her hair.
It's SHOOOOORRTTTTT!!! and all the curly2 bits are now gone!!!
I was like moaning and awwwing and whyyyy????ing and Taufik-how-could-you-ing all through dinner.
And it wasnt even even. There were bits that were too short.
"It was getting messy" Taufik reasoned.
"But we could've just tied it up" I whined
"They were getting all tangled up"
"I was willing to brush it out..." I sadly ran my fingers through Anis' hair.
"Its not even!!" I complained.
"You won't even notice.. coz her hair is all curly like that"
"Well, you've cut out all the curly bits.. it *is* noticeable now" I scolded him.

Poor Taufik.. he was only trying to help..
but then..
arrrrggghhh my little girl's hair!!!! I loved her hair!! I loved playing with it. I loved watching the curly bits sway when she's running around with her brothers. I loved how sometimes there's a halo around her face from all the stray hair.
I loved how her pale face peeks out underneath all the tangled up tresses while she's sleeping.
I loved tying it up that way and this way just to see how it'll turn out.
I can still experiment with the hair at this length, but then..
aarrggghhh I loved her hair long...
now I don't know whether she'll ever have those curly bits anymore..

But then again, maybe this is for the better. She's going to school soon, and I'm going to have a baby to take care of, so I might not have time to brush and tie her hair as often as I do now. Maybe she's better off with short hair.



I am still sad though!!! aaarrggghhhhhhhhh

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