Saturday, April 22, 2006

i'm back, but my back, and oh those backlogs!!

So far, the first day at home back to the usual routine with the new baby and no extra help seems to be going okay.

Izani woke up twice last night. Once at midnight, another time at 3am. The thing is, my wound is still abit sore, so I can't lie on my side to breastfeed him, which means I have to wake up and sit up and feed him. Which means every time he feeds, I have to be awake... :(
But I try not to be too stressed out about it, coz I can always catch up on sleep during the day.. tee hee..
Izani woke up again at around 6:45am hungry, so I fed him. Taufik got the boys ready and packed their lunchbox. After he sent the boys off to the bus, he came back and helped me hold Izani while I go do my thang in the bathroom.
After Taufik left for work I put Izani down for his nap, loaded the washing machine and made me two cheese sandwiches for breakfast. I ate them while I surfed the blogs (I have 80 post alerts!! dayummmm). Anis woke up, so I made her breakfast. I put the first laundry load into the dryer and put in the second load into the washing machine. Then I washed dishes for a bit, and sterilized Izani's bottles.
I surfed abit more, then when baby izani woke up at 10am, I bathed him, took some pictures, updated Izani's Baby Steps, fed him, put him to sleep, then surfed some more.
Then I made lunch (Yesterday one of my egyptian friends gave me a whole roast chicken, we had leftovers so I'm making soup and noodles today to eat with the leftover chicken), which is just boiling vermicelli and making a pot of chicken soup (nothing fancy or strenuous), which I didnt get to eat till about 2:30pm coz Izani woke up so I had to feed him, burp him, change him, and put him down to sleep.
The kids are now back from school. They're watching TV but they have to do their homework soon. Ilham came home with a tupperware of lasagna from Shalee (my friend whose son is in the same class as Ilham), which I heated up but havent eaten yet. I guess we'll have it for tea (and if there are leftovers, it'll be my breakfast for tomorrow too)
For dinner, I am just gonna have to marinate the chicken (which Taufik will fry for dinner) and cook rice. (I already made soup, remember).
My 2 loads of laundry is all dried and folded, so .. i guess when dinner is done, I'll be done for the day.. i'll feed izani before bed, and get ready to wake up at midnight for the whole cycle to begin again...

So you see, it's not like I'm superwoman or anything.. I just take my time and pick my battles.

My back is killing me though.. I havent had any ME-time yet.. havent taken any jamu (herbal preparations) or put on any barut (herbal treatment for the tummy) or bertungku (hot stone treatment) .. I guess I have to wait for my mom to get here before I can do that.

Did I tell you I have 80 post alerts??
Don't worry.. I'll get there eventually.. I don't know whether I'd comment on all of them, but I'll definitely read them.
sooner or later.

p/s If you have not noticed, I started a seperate blog for stories about Izani. I will not be blogging about Izani as often as I blog here, so you might wanna subscribe to Izani's Baby Steps. (If you're interested, lah). I will try to remember to mention it here if I made any updates there. I think, at the very least, I'll update on Izani's progress weekly.

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