Wednesday, April 26, 2006

AI 2006, Final 6

They're singing love songs this week.
Thank God Ace was kicked out last week.. I could just imagine him revelling in this category coz he would get to practice his 'hypnotic gaze' on the camera..
tee hee.
okay lah cukuplah mengutuk mat sengau tu.. dia pun dah keluar kan?

Kat (I Have Nothing) - was so hawt hawt hawt!!! My god what a dress!! How does she keep her boobs in? I thought she performed the song quite well even though none of the judges seem to agree. She definitely exuded pesona bintang (star quality). I think the phone bill at all frat houses all across america just went up a notch this week.

Elliot (Song for You) - was slammin! I saw a lot of soul and I was feeling the love from his performence this week. I thought the song was a bit draggy, but my attention was held fast by his awesome vocals. and Paula is so emo tak pasal2.. ntah apa apa..dah lah cakap merapu

Kelly (Unchained Melody) - meh... i tried looking into her eyes to find an aota of emotion while she was singing, but as usual, nada. She has limited taste/knowledge in music (and almost everything else), doesnt she? I'm starting to get tired of her.

Taylor (Just Once) - I thought he picked the perfect song for him, but he was a bit pitchy at some parts. I actually pity him coz the judges (especially Simon) never seem to be satisfied with him. He injects a little craziness and they call him 'drunk', he keeps it serious and they call him 'uptight'. What the hell?

Paris (The Way We Were) - somehow this song always reminds me of Leslie Cheung. aaanyways.. I thought Paris went a bit over with this song.. it sounded very very broadway but not classy broadway like Streisand. I hope the stylist would stop dressing her up in black. I think she would've looked better in a flowy ivory dress singing this song.

Chris (Have You ever Loved a Woman) - at last!! he sings Bryan Adams! And he nailed it!! I knew he'd be good with Bryan Adams. I thought it was such a good performence, and singing while lying down has definitely cured him of his vibrating vocals. I really loved this one. I'm actually gonna go and download it. The look he had at the last 'woman', reminded me of how Bo looked when he sang that whatsitstitle song acapella. Total satisfaction of a job well done.

Who I want to be out: The Pickle.
Who I think will be voted out: either the Pickle, or if the voters are cruel and listens to the judges, Kat.

We'll see how tomorrow..

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