Friday, April 14, 2006

Do you know where your kids are?

We sent Anis to ABC and Kak F's house today.
I packed her day clothes, jammies and undies. I packed the soft doggie toy that she sleeps with. I packed her toothbrush. She got to choose a book she wanted to bring (She chose Have You Seen My Cat?). She brought along her writing book and a pencil. I put 3 of her milk bottles and her tin of milk formula in a plastic bag, along with 5 packets of her favourite cookies.
I explained to her that she wont be sleeping with us tonight. She whined "awwwwhhhh!!". But when I told her she'd be sleeping over at her friend's house, she got all excited and said okay.
It's not like she's never slept over at other people's house before. She has had sleep overs at mokciknab's and at her nenek's with her cousins. But still...
Anyways, we said our goodbyes.. She kissed my hand, gave me a huge wet kiss on the lips and hugged me. I told her I was going to miss her. She told me she loves me and hugged me.
Then she ran to the toy bin and forgot all about me.

Did I tell you she can now make the 'K' sound properly??
I've been trying to teach her for the longest time.. and the other day, I tried teaching her again by touching the part of her tongue and mouth that made that sound. I told her "put that part of your tongue" (touch the back of tongue) "to this part of your mouth" (touch the roof of the back mouth) "and try to make that sound".
So she tried.
At first it was still "shh shh shh shat" , so I keep repeating the instruction and she kept trying.
Then it became "ch ch ch chat", so I encouraged her.
Then suddenly it was "k k k kat" and we cheered!!
She was so proud of herself!!
We practiced some more after that. Sometimes she won't get it, but everytime she does , she would go "Yay!! Anis Boleh!!" (Yay, I can do it!)
Now everytime she wants to say something with the 'K' sound, you'd hear her test it out first by going "k k k" and then saying the word.
Now I've only got to work on her Rs :D

gosh I miss her.

The boys are going to stay at home with us. My friend, S, (whose son is in Ilham's class and who was supposed to host my boys for the next five days) went back to Malaysia for the spring break and took an extra week off and I've been trying to call her all day but no one is answering. I think she has not come back yet.
So the plan now is, the boys are staying at home. Taufik will get them ready for school in the morning. They'll be going to school with the compound bus as normal, and come back as normal. Taufik will try to be home in time for their arrival home, else, Ilham will just let himself in (we're leaving the house key at a secret location) first. Taufik already wrote down what they're supposed to do once they get home (put socks in shoes, put away their lunchbox, change clothes, hang their uniforms, then do their homework). Taufik will come home, check on them then bring them to the hospital to see me.

I'm getting sleepy.
Today I made some chocolate cupcakes that'll last the boys a few days. (maybe 2 days)
I've washed all of the baby's stuff and picked his going-home outfit. All that's left is to pack my bag.
I'm supposed to stop eating at midnight. After midnight, I'm not even allowed to drink water.
Maybe I shouldnt have eaten tenggiri jeruk goreng (salted fish) for dinner..

I'll try to blog tomorrow before I leave for the hospital, but I doubt I have the time..
Well, if I don't, See You on the Other Side.. ;)

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