Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My mom is here, yay!

Okay, so my mom arrived at 3am this morning. I just had put Izani down after his feed, so I sat and chatted with her while waiting for the time for Fajr prayers, which was only 45 minutes away.

She told me that she had been feeling very tired coz she couldnt sleep, worrying about a lot of things. How my youngest sister is doing with the new baby, how my eldest sister is going to move into her house, how the-one-who-does-not-blog (TDB) is going to handle her kid when her maid goes home, her impending trip alone to a foreign land.. She almost wanted to cancel the trip to come visit me, because she had felt so tired.. but then my bro-in-law (TDB's hubby) asked her to reconsider, and she was reading the Quran and she kept encountering words of encouragement for people who sacrifice themselves to help other people in need. Then my dad came over to see her and bought her some essence of chicken and that made her feel revived and better..(Thanx, Papa!)
So she finally went to the airport, got help from a man heading to Manchester to get to her gate, then on the plane met a nurse who was working here in Al-Kh0bar, so she had company and felt more secure about travelling.
Alhamdulillah!! He moves in mysterious ways
I told her that I was apprehensive about her coming as well, for the same reason that she was apprehensive about coming. Plus the fact that I actually am feeling better already. She said that she's glad that I'm feeling better, but she is still happy that she's now here and she'll try to help as best as she can, plus she's looking forward to seeing the kids.
She then started unpacking her stuff, and we discovered that most of 'her stuff' were actually my stuff!! Gifts from friends + family (Thankyou thankyou thankyou!! *muahs muahs* love you all! I laughed out loud when I saw the minyak Yu Yee!), keropok and ikan bilis, Sea cucumber jelly, tudung mun@warrah, letters.. and DVDs!! Yay!
I finally left her to freshen up and perform her solat and I went to bed at around 4am.
Izani woke up at around 6am, about the same time that Taufik woke up and he woke the boys up for school. We told Ihsan that nenek is here and the first thing he did was go look for her. She sounded happy to see the boys. I overheard her remark that Ilham is now almost as tall as her. She came into the room to look at Izani and the first thing she said was "eh, he looks just like Aliff!" See, kan dah kata..?? All cucu kustamangs look almost alike.
She held Izani while I went to the bathroom and went down to help Taufik with the boys. I had a bit of breakfast, then my mom came down with Anis to have breakfast (she made Anis scrambled eggs). I came up to see that Izani has fallen back to sleep and so has Taufik, so I switched on Disney Channel for Anis and went back to bed as well.
When I woke up at 9am when Taufik was getting ready for work, I discovered that my mom had cleaned and arranged everything in my kitchen! She was by then asleep in her room.
I cooked lunch (rice, vegetable soup, fried chicken and sambal tumis ikan bilis with the ikan bilis that my mom brought for me) and went upstairs to wake my mom up, and saw her by the sink brushing her teeth. She wanted to shower and pray first, so Taufik and I had our lunch by ourself (it was yummy by the way.. been awhile since I had sambal tumis ikan bilis).
After lunch we sat together watching Opr@h, Starting Over and Dr.Phil while I fed Izani and then folded laundry.
She is now in the kitchen frying up sweet potatoes for my kids.. and when I went down a few minutes ago to see if I could help her, she was sweeping up the kitchen floor.

I think this visit is not going to be so bad after all... :)

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