Wednesday, April 12, 2006

AI 2006: Final 8

I was watching The Weakest Link the other day when I heard Ann ask the question what is another name for the devil that starts with B and the contestant asnwered "Be-elzebub", which got me singing Bohemian Rhapsody. And I wondered if AI would ever do a tribute to Queen one of these days.
Lo and behold, this week's theme was Queen!

I was sorta dreading and anticipating this week's performence actually. Dreading, coz I know that a few of them would choose the staple anthemic songs like "We Will Rock You" and "We are The Champions" and "Bohemian Rhapsody" and I could've sorta predict which ones they were.
Anticipating, because I was wishing some of them would have enough taste and love for Queen to be able to pick and sing Queen's more obscure songs, like "Best Friend" or maybe even "Bicycle Race" (Oh man, what I would give to see someone attempt that one!)

Well, no suprise that Ace chose "We will rock you" and Kellie sang "Bohemian Rhapsody". I was pretty thankful that Taylor didnt go ahead to sing "We are the champions" and chose "Crazy Little thing called love" instead.
And I love Elliot for chosing "Somebody To Love" :)

Bucky (Fat Bottom Girls) - it was a good song choice for him, and I liked that he injected a little bit of country to that song. I thought he did a blooming good job and that he rawked!

Ace (We will rock you) - it was a safe performence and not very vocally challenging, i thought he did a backstreet boys version of the song and he did NOT rawk me at all. I hope this makes him go home.

Kelly (Bohemian Rhapsody) - I have always been dubious of people who could slaughter and dismember this epic of a song into a one and a half minute clip (constantine and that girl in Rock Star included). I thought it was pretty weird coz this is the first time I heard this song in a Southern accent, but I think Kelly did a better job than Ace.

Chris (Innuendo) - gawd.. please stop screaming. I really like it better when he's really singing, coz when he screams his voice has this very annoying vibrato that just spoils everything. Otherwise I think he did a really good job in capturing the spirit of the song.

Kat "Who wants to live forever" - was a really really really good choice for Kat. I actually had goosebumps when she sang it. And she's so good at articulating the lyrics, I had visions of Christopher Lambert on the hills of Scotland and his wife just died and it made me all misty eyed. "There can be only ONE!"

Elliot (Somebody to Love) - I lurrrve this song!! And I think Elliot did a really good job! yay!! He really knows how to pick em, eh?

Taylor (Crazy Little thing called love) - He really borught it on tonight. Taylor is back!! He did a waaaay better job than David Ratford, definitely. I thoroughly enjoyed his performence.

Paris (Show must go on) - what a horrible outfit! and her performence was forgettable, for me. Sometimes I think she can be a bit too much..

Who I wish will go home: The FACE!
Who I think the voters will send home : hm.. either The Face (can't help it, I'm the king of wishful thinking..), or Bucky.

I really really hope last week's mistake won't happen again, and they dont send Elliot home.

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