Monday, September 10, 2007

what's up, blog?

Well, I'm back here, AGAIN. *sigh*

If you're wondering what happened, according to Keith, the guy who takes care of efx2, said that someone was using the site for phishing (go0gle it lah, malas nak letak link) and they had to take the site off-line.

Good news is, the data is not compromised (read: your posts are still there in the database). You just can't access it. Keith is trying to work out a way to take it online by changing the site address, i think. So.. maybe we can go back one day.
Bad news is, the site address will change and it's just like moving house. You'd have to tell everyone what your new address is and that is more difficult than it sounds, especially if you only know these people on-line and not off-line. Suffice to say, you may be losing a few friends. (speaking from my experience of moving from modblog to blgospot to efx2 and now back to blogspot).

I am seriously thinking of moving to blogspot completely.
what's stopping me is:

1. I don't know how to godek the damn thing!! Look at my header. It's ugly!!!! and I dont know how to fix it. I liked efx2 because it was so user-friendly. I didnt need to know html. I didnt need to know objects and classes and what not.

2. Efx2 was small, it's like living in a kampung (small village) where almost everyone knows everyone else. People are friendlier and closer, you are more open and relaxed... You get reminders to check up on your friends, and you can control who reads you. You sorta feel more secure. If anything bad happens, you can always run to the tok penghulu (village chief) and ask him to help.
Blogspot is like living in a condo in the middle of the city. I don't know who the ketua persatuan penduduk (resident leader) is, and even if you can send an email to the mayor, he's so way up there, you don't know who'd be reading your email or WHEN. I don't know who my neighbours are, and I don't know if I can trust them. And lots and lots and lots of people come to blogspot to read. Its too famous. Efx2 was like that town that's not in the map. I don't know who's gonna be reading my posts on blogspot. Will I get nasty comments (like i've seen many others did?).

3. I am malas.
If I move here, i'd have to move all my older posts here.. and there's a LOT.
aiyooohhh so malas.


well, anyways, we'll see how it goes.
Come on, Keith, you can do it!!! Weed out that Phisherman, kick him it out, whatever. I just want to go home!!


  1. A lot of EFXers are moving here to Blogspot.

    I have several of them listed on my blog here.

  2. i dont want to move too.. uhuhuu..

    lets just hope we can access everything back soon.

    i so agree with ur second point.

  3. Thanx Libertine, for making the effort to keep us all connected. You don't know how much it means to me.

    intan, hopefully with all the relationship that was already built on efx2, we will still get the same community feeling among us over here, or wherever we are.

  4. I feel the same way about blogger as you do...only moreso...I will not be coming back here.

    I have set something up over at wordpress but someone else has my name so I am now benher.

  5. Hi Elisa! Whew! Glad to find you here. You sure know how to put into words, what I felt about efx2 and this place. It was so cozy and warm over there at efx2, just like a small SD town. Ya knew everyone, nearly, and when someone new came along, we'd all take the time to welcome them. Here, if it weren't for some of my efx2 friends trying to find me, I would have felt sooooo alone.

    I guess we can always try to make our own mini-community within this enormous metropolis, right? :D <3

  6. With the two of us around, Kimmi, I think we're gonna warm up the place just fine!! :D

  7. :::waves::: glad you found me. hope more efx peeps will move to blogger. i've had a blog here for awhile as a backup and to keep in contact with family who have blogger blogs.


    Well, maybe you can go back to efx once Google buys that,too.

    In the meantime, I know this person who can fix up your template. Her website is

  9. eh kat blogspot you can control who reads. you can make the blog readers by invitation only.

    and i can subscribe you also kalau you ada the sunbscribe posts (atom) thingy kat bawah. oh you ada so i clicklah and send alerts to my email

  10. moshimoshi9:42 AM

    yes, i love those little nifty alert utilities as well in efx2. and the community.

    also i feel a bit insecure moving into the unknown technical world of blogspot at the moment. so i'm still hanging my hopes high for efx2.

    until i run out of patience.

  11. how come i find that blogspot is easier to godek than efx2 and then so the banyak template available for blogspot on the net and very easy to install... by the way.. HELLO from the 3 of us!

  12. Elisa, nak tukar umah lagi. berapa byk blog lah kat dlm blogspot ni.