Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Easy Peasy Macaroni with Leftover Chicken in Red Sauce

Here's what I decided to make for lunch today.
I made Ayam Masak Merah* for dinner yesterday and had some leftover (3 pieces of wings and about 5 tablespoons of sauce). I looked through my pantry and found some elbow macaroni and a can of cream. In the fridge, I had some tomato paste leftover from making Ayam Masak Merah*. I always have italian Herbs in my seasoning cupboard, so I decided to make macaroni and the leftover chicken.

Macaroni with Leftover Ayam Masak Merah*

150grams macaroni
leftover Ayam Masak Merah*
2 tablespoons of tomato paste
one chicken stock cube
quarter cup of water
1 teaspoon italian herbs
quarter cup of cream
sugar to taste

Cook macaroni per instructions on box, al dente.
Debone and cut leftover chicken into small pieces, put back into leftover sauce.
Heat up a saucepan large enough to hold the macaroni. Pour in the leftover Ayam Masak Merah, water, chicken stock cube and italian herbs. Bring to a boil, add cream and sugar to taste and stir till well mixed.
Toss in the macaroni.
Serve warm with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese.

My kids loves anything with creamy tomato sauce and they love pasta. They havent tasted this yet, but I think they'll like it, coz Izani loved it.
I'm just happy to have something to eat under 20 minutes and without having to defrost anything. tee hee :)
I think it'd be yummy with some toasted pine nuts and maybe corn niblets or chopped celery or bell peppers.

*Ayam Masak Merah literally means 'Red Chicken'. It's chicken cooked in red sauce that is made with a mixture of chilli paste and onions (I add a bit of tomato paste so that it's still red, but not too spicy for my kids). I had the recipe in efx2. Perhaps when efx2 is up you could look for it.


  1. I got your post alert.. not real time but it helps a bit.. dah terbiasa with efx2 features :p..

  2. ni kalau tengok masa bulan posa siang2... naiya weii...


  3. ohh ive been trying to access all efx2 site and tak tingat plak possibility of this...

    well i am terliur tahap gaban tgk macaroni tuh...

    but i'm just too lazy now..to spend 20 minutes in kitchen pun i malas...buleh???

    terukla myself now...

  4. oh, kat sini semua orang. I have my blogspot url set up long time ago but i dont think everybody knows about it...read about your explaination on the efx2, aiyoh! like that ah? tak perlah kat sini pun okay jugak - i macam fed up pun ada with efx2, selalu sgt down..but i love the community!!!!!!

    Ramadhan Kareem to you and family, maaf kalau ada tersilap kata or terkecil hati..semoga Ramadhan kali ini better that the previous ones..

  5. mamarawks, it's better than nothing! :) I just didnt want to get alerts via email, coz I have too much email as is.
    Thanx for the tip, by the way :D

    bear, I will try to cut down on culinary posts during bulan puasa.. :D (tapi tak boleh janji!!)

    kaezrin, kat malaysia lain.. malas masak, can just go to the shop and get something. Over here, malas tak malas, I HAVE to cook.. or else, I'd starve!

    Onee, We're hoping to still keep the efx2 community feel going here in blogspot. So feel free to go around the blogs and make everyone feel at home!
    Ramadhan kareen to you and your family!