Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My malaysian holiday

As with any vacation, there were things that went as planned and there were things that didnt go as planned. As usual, there were many things that I wished I could've done but didnt (e.g. visit zan and her new baby, go to my dad's house, visit UkS centre in Taipan, etc etc). All in all it was still a good vacation, though. (Coming home always is good). In summary, here was my actual vacation schedule

Aug 4Aug 5Aug 6Aug 7Aug 8Aug 9Aug 10
.Arrive KL
.Slept slept slept
. Went to pasar malam instead of Farah's BBQ
.Ran's meminang
.Met Ery, had yummeh japanese food!
.Sent car for repair
.Stayed at home
.Watched S3 on DVD
.Drove to jerantut
.lunch ikan patin
.Taman negara
.Taman negara
.jungle trekking and canopy walk
.Boat ride to Lata berkoh waterfall, mandi sungai
.Taman negara
.visit aborigine settlement
.shoot rapids and mandi sungai lagi
.balik KL
.did laundry
Aug 11Aug 12Aug 13Aug 14Aug 15Aug 16Aug 17
.Picked up Unser
.Drove up to kedah very slowly
.Pegi dusun
.makan durian
.makan manggis
Pegi dusunPegi dusun.15th Anniversary
.Pegi dusun
.Pegi dusunPegi Kenduri
Aug 18Aug 19Aug 20Aug 21Aug 22Aug 23Aug 24
Cooked lunch for Zura&Che'Wan, Za&Wanik.pegi dusun lagiMuzium padi, kedahpegi dusunpegi dusun and taman darul aman.Drove back to KL. Lunch with girlfriends
Aug 25Aug 26Aug 27Aug 28Aug 29Aug 30Aug 31
. Went to Anbo's
. Went to rumah PakTeh
. Lunch Nasi Ayam hailam
. Shopping @Jln TAR
. Met Famillah, settle business stuff
. Went to Floria@putrajaya
. Went to 'spa' with Has
. Girls' day out with Dolly
. Lunch in KLCC
. Watched Transformers!
. Settled ASB stuff
. Cleaned up house
. packed
.Made Panna cotta
. Merdeka makan2!!
. Packed
Sep 1Sep 2Sep 3Sep 4Sep 5Sep 6Sep 7
.Flew back to Saudi
.Did laundry
. Sent kids to school
. took medicine, slept :(
. Chat with lollies
. Found out lollies can't make it :(
Did groceriesMy birthday! :D
. Made chocolate cake
Lunch at chilli's?

All in all it was still a hectic but fun holiday. More detailed post on the trip to Taman Negara visit later. It was awesome and I would recommend it to anyone who has never been there before!

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