Thursday, September 27, 2007

Five Fluff

I was tagged by Elin the cake-meister.

5 things in my bag (sometimes I carry a handbag, but most often I dont, so I will describe the bag I carry around to gatherings, okay?)

  • 2 diapers (izani punya)

  • wet wipes

  • moisturizer

  • telekung (or sometimes just a pair of the sleeve thingy and a pair of socks)

  • spare clothes for izani

5 things in my wallet (I dont have a wallet, I have this small sling bag, I'll describe what's in the side pocket)

  • CTbank credit card

  • a copy of taufik's iqama

  • my myKad

  • some cash

  • grocery list

5 favorite things in my bedroom (my bedroom in KSA)

  • the only working bedside lamp in the house 

  • whatever book I'm currently reading in bed

  • my soft duvet

  • Izani

  • Taufik

5 things I would like to do

  • Go on a road trip to Qatar, UAE and Oman

  • Go on a trip to Lebanon

  • Go on a trip to Jordan

  • Go on a road trip around europe

  • Go on a road trip road trip road trip.

5 things I am doing now

  • doing this tag

  • reading a forwarded email titled "Takziah, Syafaat Anak & Doa Pelindung" by Zaharuddin Abd Rahman

  • Thinking about what to cook for iftar gathering

  • Searching for recipes

  • Listening to the kids watching Big Cook, Little Cook on CBBC.

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