Friday, September 14, 2007

cuts and bruises

It's only the second day of ramadhan and I already have cuts on both of my thumbs.
My knife has a very sharp point and sometimes I accidently poke my finger with it. I also sharpen it often because a sharp knife speeds up work. But I have never gotten the hang of 'tucking in my fingers' during chopping, my thumb especially, coz it always gets accidently sliced.
So now both of my thumbs hurt. Imagine I have to rub salt and tumeric on some fish today...
The things I endure for food!

I sent some food to the only other Malaysian family in my compound today.
I sent her some keledek goreng and agar-agar sirap.
She reciprocated with Tauhu Sumbat and Cucur Keria.
*aiyohhh sungguh maluuuuu!!!!!*
suffice to say my ego?pride?self confidence? is a little bit bruised by that.
I know it's not a competition, and I did sincerely send her food just as a sign of friendship, but I somehow feel that I have to redeem myself tomorrow.
Not to show that I can cook, but to repay her generosity for sharing precious tauhu with me. (Tauhu is difficult to find here and quite expensive. At least I think so, because I've never found or bought tauhu here).
Is Apam Balik sufficient?
I mean, I want to give her something special, but I dont want to, like, sweat over it. You know how malas I am.
Malas tapi malu.
The Tauhu Sumbat was yummy by the way.
I'm gonna go crawl away and bury my head in my recipe book now.


  1. beelove8:54 PM

    ouch i can imagine, once i cut my thumb and need someone to shampooed my hair for me, ish ish memalukan sungguh tapi terpaksa, so berkemban dlm bilik air ngan a friend of mine :p

    cucur keria?? uish sedap nyee. hmmm ni rasa nak wat tauhu bakar ngan dip kicap cili api ni, sodap gak eh. hurmm apa kata k elisa buat cuq badak, boleh share resipi *blush* tak pandai buat cuq badak

  2. you know semenjak balik sini setelah dua bulan tak masak, i found myself asik kena percik minyak panas. tangan I dah ada dua burnt mark. ayoo jatuh sahamku ini.

    betul tu tauhu mahal. kat sini selalu expat indonesians punya wife buat bisnis tauhu and tempeh. quite pricey. eh saya pergi rub in lah pulak. Apam balik is nice. letaklah extra jagung manis. apam balik spesel tujual kat pasar malam mahal sikit dari apam balik biasa. isk gua nak buatlah ini macam

  3. i think what ever traditional malaysian food will do (ini common pendapat org2 kita laa..) does not matter mahal or murah.. tapi kalau dah rindu malaysia tu rasanya dah cukup gembira the other malaysian receiving it kan?? what about bubur/kuih som som (some said kuih some said bubur)??

  4. apam balik mana cukup. i rasa elok you beri kambing panggang ke, ayam golek ke ataupun nasi beriyani ker... tee hee hee...

  5. di sini rupanya bonda kite. selamat ulang tahun ya bonda.
    semoga "fit and energetic sentiasa".

    selamat berpuasa jugak. i tak kisah, you ntar i sirap bandung pun i happy, add a bit soda ! Wowww ... say it like Izani.

  6. farah, I tried making cucur badak once. I have a little problem with getting the inti in. So I ended up making cucur keria.. tee hee :D

    lolls, saham you masih ada public offering lagi ke?? My saham dah jadi wholly owned private property, so cuts and burns on the surface tak jadi hal. Janji benda lain mantainnnn.... ha ha ha :D

    mamarawks, errr.. you know what, I have never tried to make bubur sum-sum! Maybe coz I tak pernah makan, and neither has taufik. Maybe bila ada gathering boleh lah I try buat, then ada org lain nak makan if my family won't.

    bear, amboih amboihhhhhh .. sejak dua menjak bulan puasa nih, nakal betul ya.. rotan karang..

    ninuk, ha ha semalam dah buat sirap bandung. memang happy giller Ilham. Tapi tak letak ice cream soda, sebab kat mini market sini tak ada.
    I have to add you in my link :)

  7. selamat menjalani ibadah puasa..

  8. Thankyou 'me' :)
    Selamat berpuasa to you and your family too :)

  9. wah wah wah! bestnya cerita makan masa posa posa ni hehehe.